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Essential Products for Heat Fried Hair All Girls Will Be Blessed by ...

By Eliza

Whether your hair is fried because you blow dry it daily or use a flat iron or curling iron on it, chances are that you might have some dry, damaged strands. Heat styling sucks all the moisture out of your hair, leaving it dehydrated, brittle and broken. Taking a break from the heat can do wonders for your mane, but using any of these great products can help repair the damage and give you back the glossy, healthy hair you love.

1 Hair Finishing Creme

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This multi-purpose product does so many things! It will help fight frizz and flyaways, but it also restores moisture to your heat styled hair so it looks shiny and glossy every day.

2 Gold Smoothing Balm

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This innovative balm enhances the shine in your strands and help lock the moisture into each one for healthy, hydrated hair. It also restores and repairs heat damaged hair. Perfect!


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3 Thermal Protection Shampoo

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If you're going to continue using your heat styling products (me too!) then using this shampoo can help prevent further damage and give your hair a chance to restore itself.

4 Intense Hydrating Mask

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This hydrating mask goes into your hair and helps restore and revitalize your dry heat damaged hair. Use it to get back the shiny strands you want so bad.

5 Heat Protective Styling Spray

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When you blow dry or straighten your hair, spritz in this spray first and you create a barrier between your strands and the high temps. That way you always have a healthy head of hydrated hair. Hooray!

6 Coconut Shea Styling Elixir

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Coconut oil and shea come together in this styling product to restore moisture to your hair and to prevent future heat styling from making it worse. Plus, it smells good!

7 Reparative Leave in Conditioner

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This leave in conditioner is perfect for any type of hair damage, including that which comes from heat styling. Simply apply it to your hair and go. No rinsing required.

Do you heat style your hair often? How do you keep it from looking fried?

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