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I'm a redhead – not a natural one either and I have to tell you, red hair is so, so difficult to keep up! Do you non-natural redheads agree? Well, I've got news for you, there are tons of different conditioners out there to keep your tresses looking beautiful!

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distilled beverage, hair coloring, spritz, EXTREME, RED, Girls. I have to tell you, this is a godsend conditioner for any redhead out there. It makes my hair so soft, so vibriant and no longer, do I have to go to the salon every three weeks. There are three levels, so choose your poison and look at how it works. An AMAZING discovery – seriously!

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Pureology Reviving Red Reflective Conditioner for Red and Copper Color

lotion, lip, body wash, cosmetics, PUREOLOGY, Before oVertone, I actually used this and still do on the days I don't use oVertone and it's amazing. It balances out my hair and yet, still gives it a quick refresh. It makes my hair feel amazing and truth be told, it's worth the price!

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Aveda Madder Root Color Conditioner

lip, skin, AVEDA, racine, garance, You want to talk about amazing color? You want to talk about manageable and great smelling hair? This is the conditioner for you! It's bright red and will keep your tresses looking on fire. LOVE it! Try it now. No – seriously, go buy it.

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lip, skin, liquid, SEBASTIAN, oine, This is the conditioner for our redheads on a budget. It is a little more expensive than traditional conditioner, but if you are coloring your hair all of the time – isn't that expensive too? I love the color of this conditioner and the way it makes my hair feel. It truly is a gem!

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Wella Professionals Color Recharge Colour Refreshing Conditioner

Wella, lotion, skin, abdomen, produce, Before I moved, this was one of the conditioners that my stylist mentioned to me and while I didn't want to take a break from Aveda or oVertone (which I just ordered by the way!), I needed something cheap and something different. This was refreshing and made my hair feel AWESOME. Try it!

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Desert Essence, Conditioner, Red Raspberry

produce, plant, fruit, nectar, food, If you're looking for a rich and color-filled hair conditioner that is completely natural, this is the one for you! My other redheaded friends swear-by it and while I haven't tried it yet, I can tell you that their hair is wicked soft and so bouncy. I may just have to order a bottle now!

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Redken Color Extend Conditioner

Redken, product, body wash, REDKEN, color, Now, if you are just looking for a conditioner that is not color-depositing, this is the conditioner for you. It will extend that beautiful color without depositing more (and making your hands super red).

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So, what are some of your favorite conditioners my other redheads in a struggle to keep the crimson in?

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