7 Gorgeous Sideswept Styles That You Should Try This Season ...


7 Gorgeous Sideswept Styles That You Should Try This Season ...
7 Gorgeous Sideswept Styles That You Should Try This Season ...

This year, hair is all about different sideswept styles that I’m personally just LOVING! I love that this look is extremely feminine, and leaves you just wanting to touch your hair and admire it all day long. It looks alluring, seductive, and immensely innocent all at the same time. Blake Lively and Taylor Swift made this look popular early on, but now, the sideswept style is popping up everywhere from the runway, to fashion magazines, to everyday women on the street. Check out the top 7 ways to wear sideswept styles this year, and don’t wait a day longer to give it a try yourself!

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The Classic Sidesweep

Let’s start with one of the ultimate sideswept styles of all, which is the classic sideswept look. This look was first made popular by several Hollywood stars and is now being seen everywhere. I especially love how this look appears incredibly simple, yet still so sophisticated. Give this look a try whether you’re wearing jeans and a cute top, a fashionable mini or maxi skirt, a cute denim jacket and crisp pair of skinny jeans, or even wear it at the office with a fabulous blazer and slinky pair of slacks.


The Super Romantic Sidesweep

I love romantic style hairdos because they seem so fancy, soft and endearing. The best part is, they aren’t that hard to recreate at home either. To pull this look off, you’ll need to hot roll your hair, or use a curling iron. Create smaller curls all over your head instead of larger ones, and don't brush them out, but finger comb your hair to create this hairstyle instead. This adds volume and definition to hair, while giving you an incredibly elegant look. Then, you’ll pull your hair to the side as you would a normal sideswept style, and secure it with an elastic band. Then, simply bobby pin any loose pieces if needed.


The Sideswept Braid

I’ll be honest; I don’t really know if I ever see myself wearing this style because I seriously doubt I could recreate this look without some assistance, however isn’t it adorable? I love the way this look takes on a younger side with a cute little braid, yet still appears grown up enough with a classic sideswept feature. Bring a picture of this to your hairstylist if you have somewhere special to go and want to wear a beautiful, trend-setting style. I feel sure your hair would be the topic of conversation all night, in good way, of course!


The Sideswept Bun

The sideswept bun is a style I’ve worn for years and have no intention of giving it up anytime soon. This style is so easy to pull off girls! All you need to do is curl your hair all over and the rest is a breeze! I like using hot rollers for a longer lasting effect, and then pull your hair in a low pony to the side of your head. Twist it into a bun, and then secure the bun with bobby pins all underneath the bun to your head. Any loose ringlets can be pinned back, or even left down to create a more naturally wispy look.


The Super Shiny Sidesweep

If you have naturally straight hair, this is one sideswept style that will be easy for you to pull off! This is basically a classic sidesweep, yet it takes on a sleeker, more chic look than other styles do. You’ll need to comb hair as normal after washing and conditioning, and then dry your hair. Afterwards, place a silicon glossing crème over your hair and hot roll it for only a few minutes, or use a large barrel curling iron to curl the ends. Then, use a straight iron to flat out the top, spray with a shine spray and comb down thoroughly to smooth things out. Pull your hair to the side, and you’re done! This look would be great for an elegant night out or special occasion when you want to make a bold statement.


The Double Sided Sidesweep

Sideswept styles aren’t one way street hairstyles girls! Try this double-sided sidesweep, where you’ll curl the hair as normal and then pin two pieces from the front of your head back towards the crown of your head. This is a beautiful way to wear your hair no matter where you’re going, and I love this style since it keeps hair out of your face while still looking pretty too!


The Pretty Pony Sidesweep

This style creates a playful look by wearing your hair in ponytail, one of my all time favorite ways to wear my hair, even as an adult woman. The sideswept pony is a little more grown up, and incredibly easy to pull off. Loosely pull hair back and then towards the side of your hair. Curling it enhances the effects of the hairstyle. Leave a few loose pieces out, or pin them back with bobby pins. This hairstyle is great to wear just about anywhere and one that is my go-to when I want an easy, elegant everyday look.

This fall is the perfect time to embrace the sideswept style. Be sure you give one of these top 7 ways to wear a sideswept style a try, and I bet you’ll be trying them all before you know it! Do you like any of these styles or wear your hair this way?

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I have these little baby hairs all over the sides on my head and when I tie my hair into a ponytail, I end up with a halo of hair! How do I avoid this!

I hope i could do the side swept braid! Looks really good :)

Oh my goodness I love 3 and 6

Thank you! @Missrecess

Very cute

I absolutely love these hairstyles x

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