7 Hairstyle Dos and Don'ts for round Faces ...

Just like any face shape, there are hairstyle dos and don’ts for round faces. If you’re planning on getting a haircut, you should try to get one that enhances your features. You want to look at beautiful as you can, so why not follow these hairstyle dos and don’ts for round faces? They’re simple ways to make you look as wonderful as possible and feel good about yourself.

1. Do Layer Your Hair

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Most of the hairstyle dos and don’ts for round faces involve the style of your hair, not the length. Round faces can look beautiful with either short or long hair. If you prefer the latter, you should think about getting layers. Wearing your hair straight will only emphasis the roundness of your face. Layers will take away the focus of your face shape and redirect it toward how amazing you look.

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