7 Easy Heat-Free Hairstyles You Need to Try Now ...

There are so many amazing heat-free hairstyles for when your hair needs a break from all of the different heat products you use! You curl your hair one day, flat iron it the next; heat hairstyling products are never-ending. Sometimes you need to give your hair a break, but it can be hard to think of new and fresh heat-free hairstyles! Even if you don’t need a heat break, sometimes you just don’t have the time to style your hair with heat products, and these hairstyles are perfect for that too. Hopefully these hairstyles will give you a go-to style whether you need a heat break or are just in a rush!

1. Sock Bun

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Sock buns are not only one of the most perfect heat-free hairstyles; they’re an easy on-the-go style! To put your hair in a sock bun, you take a clean sock you can’t find the match to (we all know how easy those are to find), and cut the toe off. You roll it into a donut shape and then roll your hair around the donut! There are tutorials all over YouTube that go into greater detail and if you just can’t get it right they sell the hair donuts in all accessory and beauty stores!

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