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People may think that the styles for short curly hair are limited. Quite the contrary, my dears! Unless your hair is shorn, there are loads of ways to style your short curly perfection. We present you with seven optional styles for short curly hair. Give them a gander (or a try) and let us know what you think.

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Fabulous 'Fro

The fabulous afro is one of most sophisticated and loveliest styles for short curly hair. Anyone with wavy, curly, kinky, or coily hair – or a mixture of all of the above - can achieve this look. Start with freshly cleansed and conditioned hair or work it with a two-day old twist out! Whatever you choose, take time to capture stray ends to produce a uniform-ish look. With that said, some of the best afros I've seen (and worn) are a bit unruly! Pair your afro with a kickass outfit and rock this fantastic style in a funky new way!


Sleek Twist out

Another fantastically easy style for short curly hair is the two strand twist out. This style is really very versatile because it can be worn in two distinct styles. Start with damp, moisturized hair sectioned and styled in two strand twists all over. You can wear your hair like this and look fantastic! You can also untwist those sections to create a lovely two strand twist out.


Finger Coil

With enough time, product, and patience almost anyone can create finger oils on their curly hair no matter the length. While many can wear this style, finger coils are incredibly quick and easy to create on short curly hair! The best way to achieve this is by starting with wet hair.


Faux Hawk

When you are feeling particularly spunky, why not wear a faux hawk! This is a fantastic style for short hair. Sweep the side up towards the middle and pin in place from nape to crown. I'd wear this style with almost any outfit! The shorter your hair the easier it will be to maintain the faux hawk. You won't have to worry much about the style falling flat or leaning over. (Yes, been there.)


Bantu Knot out

A Bantu knot out on short curly hair creates interesting texture and defined curls with almost uniform waviness. The process of creating the Bantu knots is pretty straight forward. The tricky part with shorter curly hair is getting the knots to stay in place and set. This is where your hair pins will come in handy! Twist the knots, tuck the ends and pin in place. When the knots are ready, untwist and fluff and you are ready to go! Lovely.


Curly Twisted Updo

Hair can be lots of fun and the curly twisted updo is one of those styles that reminds me of that fact, every time. This style looks a little complicated to create. You willneed to perform several necessary steps to achieve this look. Don't let that stop you. Watch the tutorial and after an initial test run (or two) you will have the look you desire.


Two Strand Twisted Mohawk

We leave you with a cute take on the faux hawk. The two section, two-strand twisted mohawk is easy to create. The style protects your ends while providing a cool take on a well known style. The bubbly details on top are pretty.

Short curly hair is fantastic but it requires no less a attention than longer hair. Use care when styling and you will benefit greatly from the effort. Do you have short curly hair? What is your favorite style? Please, share!

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