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7 Most Iconic Hairstyles of All Time ...

By Artti

Over time fashion has evolved, thus creating several iconic hairstyles. I previously never considered hair as part of fashion or even as an accessory to fashion. Now that I’m a little older and wiser, I’ve learnt that your hair can make or break your outfit. So next time you’re about to paint the town red, consider these iconic hairstyles to put your outfit over the top!

1 Finger Waves

Finger WavesTalk about iconic hairstyles for women! Fingers waves are the epitome of sexiness, class and poise. It’s definitely a look all women should try at least for a special night out or a black tie event! Not sure how to do a finger wave? Watch this quick and interesting five-minute tutorial:

2 Bob

BobNot for everyone, but those who do wear it definitely know how to rock it. The bob is essentially a short hairdo – the hair is cut straight and usually does not go past the cheekbones or jaw line.

3 Beehive

BeehiveA hairstyle that was popular in the 1960s, the beehive is overly exaggerated and teased hair which sits at the top of the head. The beehive is revolutionized from the bouffant which was previously popular in mid-to-late 18th century in western Europe. The beehive is synonymous with the 60s era.

4 Afro

AfroWhen I was younger I thought people could only be born with afros. Little did I know that people with naturally straight hair could have afros too! If you’re ever tired of your flat hair and are looking for a new do, check out this great afro tutorial:

5 Cornrows

CornrowsI always though cornrows were a recent trend... like 40-50 years old. Little did I know that cornrows date back to 3000 BC. Talk about retro! Anyways, cornrows are a series of braids that are woven very close to the scalp. They can be braided either straight along the scalp or into detailed designs. Does anyone else think of Alicia Keys circa 2001 when they think of cornrows?

6 Pixie Cut

Pixie CutIn my humble opinion, pixie cuts are one of the most daring hairstyles for women. Perhaps since it’s the norm for women to have long, flowing locks, the pixie cut is a defiant, refreshing and sexy look for women. The short do is super flirty regardless of the boy-ish inspired look and definitely one of my favourite hairstyles.

7 Flicked Layers

Flicked LayersFlicked layers? They might as well just change the name of this hairstyle to The Farrah Fawcett. Flicked layers are the definition of vintage glam. The best way to achieve Ms. Fawcett’s look is to curl your hair away from your face with a curling iron that has a large barrel. Once you’ve completed curling your hair, brush through the curls that are framing your face with a wide tooth comb to add volume. Spritz a little hair spray and voila!

Hair can be hard to style depending on the texture of your hair as well as the length. Other factors, such as your lifestyle, also affect the decisions you make when doing your hair. Plus, there are many more fabulous hairstyles besides the ones that were listed above. What are your favourite hairstyles and why?

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