7 Celebrity Pixie Cuts That Are Perfect All Year round ...


Celebrity pixie cuts are a super-hot trend right now and thanks to Miley Cyrus et al, the term has even been added to the dictionary. Short tresses made a definite splash at fashion week too! Wondering whose cut would suit you best, though? Here are some of the most loved celebrity pixie cuts, as chosen by beauty editors, hairstylists and fashion week insiders…

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Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett This is one of the celebrity pixie cuts that no one forgets – Cate Blanchett. She gave the look a futuristic vibe with that cool strawberry blonde color, and her side parting is sleek and relaxed. It’s the perfect hairstyle to dress down her extravagant necklace! If you are going light blonde, definitely go for a pixie look like Cate's.


Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Have you seen those adorable photographs charming everyone of Harper Seven sitting on David’s lap? While daughter might have plenty of hair, worn gathered up in a perfect and practical high bun, Mum has never looked better than when she shed her hair. Her dark pixie cut was modern and fresh, and the side swept style really suited her. Combined with her smoky eye and nude lips, Victoria showed how to give the pixie cut a polished look.


Halle Berry

Halle Berry If you’ve got cheekbones like Halle, you owe it to the world to show them off! Halle didn’t opt for really short hair, but instead styles it into messy spikes and teams it with a sexy LBD. Her style is out there and dramatic, but totally her own. Definitely a win.


Selma Blair

Selma Blair Selma wanted a look with more allure, so she teamed her short pixie crop with a slight side parting and long bangs. It’s definitely different, and it has a really modern feel to it! Steal her style by keeping your hair super-shiny, and wearing it with this-season’s berry lip. The great thing about long bangs is that grips and bandanas are still possible, so it’s a much less high-maintenance look.


Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn Want a model look? Agyness made sure all eyes were on her with this bold look, and it’s kept its drama perfectly. Go for bleach blonde hair, and cut it as short as you can handle, then style by scrunching your hand through and leaving. Then, emphasize your cheeks using highlighter, and add colored lips. Double points if you are bold enough for Agyness’ clashing eyebrows, too!


Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee Katharine does one of my favorite examples of pixie cuts. Her sicked-back blonde hair and bright red lips combine for the perfect Old School Glamour look, and it goes effortlessly with her shimmering cheeks and ballgown. Want to steal her look? Side part your hair, and use wet-look gel to slick it down. Then add a matte lipstick in pillarbox red, and some classic diamond earrings. If you aren’t bold enough to go for the proper chop, some strong clips will hold some of your hair folded under, to give the illusion of much shorter locks.



Rihannna Rihanna has to have one of the most well-known celebrity pixie cuts of recent years, and boy did she wear it well. From the classic shape to the longer front pieces, she knew exactly how to wear the look – and sticking with her natural dark color made this all the more striking. If you want to steal her polished yet quirky look, have your hair cut with a central parting, and ask for longer front pieces. Then sweep them to the side, and use a side parting to mix the look up occasionally. Bold eyeshadow will really bring the look out, as will a hot red or berry lip color.

So, are you tempted to go for the chop? These celebrity pixie cuts are definitely making short hair endlessly popular, and it’s a really easy look to wear, whatever the season. Whether you want something timeless and elegant or modern and quirky, there is a pixie cut for you. Which is your favorite?

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Yeah, Emma Watson and Ginny Goodwin.

I think Halle Berry should have been first too. I also think in order to pull of the pixie cut you need a strong jaw. So I'm probably never going to be able to pull of this look

Victoria Beckham


Miley has the most awesome pixie haircut. *in my opinion

Katherine mcphee's hair when it was long was perfect.

Emma Watson?

Halle berry should be first

Pls where is Queen beyonce

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