7 Greatest Katy Perry Hairstyles of All Time ...


7 Greatest Katy Perry Hairstyles of All Time ...
7 Greatest Katy Perry Hairstyles of All Time ...

The greatest Katy Perry hairstyles tend to reflect her personality, music, and emotions. Her hair can be bright and bubbly or dark and dramatic. Many people look up to her for “hair-spiration” and these 7 styles are some of her most sought-after. I think you’ll agree that these are some of the greatest Katy Perry hairstyles of all time.

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2008 MTV Video Music Awards

2008 MTV Video Music Awards We can’t kick off a list of the greatest Katy Perry hairstyles without showcasing the hair that started it all. When Katy Perry first came out on the music scene with “I Kissed A Girl,” she had gorgeous brunette locks. Her style was still cute and quirky, but she hadn’t ventured out into the bold hair colors quite yet. The brown hair looks absolutely gorgeous on her, however, which makes it one of my favorite Katy Perry hairstyles. You can recreate this look by parting to your hair slightly in the middle and having bangs lay on both sides of your forehead. To recreate the curls, use a medium sized curling iron to get her gorgeous locks.


2010 MTV Movie Awards

2010 MTV Movie Awards When it comes to the greatest Katy Perry hairstyles of all time, you can’t forget her infamous wig, “baby blue.” This blue hairstyle has become synonymous with Katy Perry’s name. She looked amazing with this hair at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. It was perfect for the occasion and her nude, sparkly dress complemented the electric blue hair well. Aside from the color of this hair, the cutting and styling is amazing. I love the blunt bangs contrasted with the curled ends. You can easily recreate the styling of this hair by wrapping just the ends of your hair in a curling iron while keeping the top of your hair straight. This is one of my favorite Katy Perry hairstyles ever!


2011 Change Begins within Benefit Celebration

2011 Change Begins within Benefit Celebration After everyone got used to seeing Katy Perry in blue, she shocked us by showing up with her then-husband Russell Brand to the 2011 Change Begins Within Benefit Celebration with pink and blonde hair. While her stylist called it Katy Perry’s “favorite shade of lavender,” the rest of the world called it “pink.” The hair is pink at the roots and blonde at the base with some of the pink extending down throughout the hair. What I love about this hairstyle is that it’s Katy Perry’s natural hair. The straight bob is so flattering on her face as well. To recreate this look, you can get temporary hair color for your roots and some sections in your hair and style straight and smooth with a side part.


2012 Kids’ Choice Awards

2012 Kids’ Choice Awards Katy Perry has been known to rock a high ponytail every now and then, but she wore it best to the 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards. Her makeup, wardrobe, and hair were perfectly styled for the event. I love the blue and purple “rainbow” color of her hair here. To recreate this eye-catching look, flat iron your hair smooth and then apply some shine serum. Gather your hair on the top of your head, leaving one section out. You can braid this section like Katy Perry did and wrap it around the base of the ponytail, or simply leave it straight. Secure with bobby pins for a completed look.


2012 Billboard Music Awards

2012 Billboard Music Awards I loved the way Katy Perry’s purple hair matched her purple dress at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, which is why I think it’s one of the greatest Katy Perry hairstyles of all time. This hair is reminiscent of her hair from her “Wide Awake” music video. To get this look, after curling your hair with a medium-sized curling iron, break apart the curls with your fingers for added texture.


2013 Grammy Awards

2013 Grammy Awards Katy Perry had one of the most talked about looks at the 2013 Grammy Awards. No matter how you felt about her Gucci dress, you can’t deny that her hair complemented her dress perfectly. To get this sultry Katy Perry hairstyle, add styling foam to wet hair and blow it out with a large round brush. Part your hair down the middle and then use a 1 ½ inch curling iron to smooth and create texture. Then spray your hair to guarantee it will last all night!


2013 Prism Promo Photo

2013 Prism Promo Photo Katy Perry stuck with her iconic deep purple locks (although some may argue it’s just black, only time will tell) for her Prism promo photo and Roar single cover. However, her cut and style is edgier than ever! This shaggy, textured hair is one of my favorite looks ever on Katy Perry. To get this look, use a wave iron to recreate the beachy waves. Next spray your hair down with texturizing spray for added dimension and style.

In my opinion, these are the greatest Katy Perry hairstyles of all time. She has had other, amazing looks, but these really stand out among the rest. Do you have a favorite Katy Perry hairstyle or is your favorite already on the list? Let us know in the comments.

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3 & 7

So do I!

I love her purple hair

OMG her granny's hair is my favorite style!! So classy but very katy

I hate nr.4, she looked Way better with tha page blue hair at Chanel fashion show. I also liked her blond on smurf red carpet, looked amazing

I luv no. 3!

I would love to dye and cut my hair like number 7!!!

Love it

Omg i wanna have that pistle dress from 2013 grammy award

She is fabulous any which way but I love her whole look and hairstyle in at the 2013 Grammys

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