7 Incredible Tips for Growing out Your Bangs ...


7 Incredible Tips for Growing out Your Bangs ...
7 Incredible Tips for Growing out Your Bangs ...

Do you need some tips for tips for growing out your bangs? Most of us go through periods when we love our bangs, and times when we long to get rid of them. Unfortunately it takes minutes to have bangs cut in, but a lot longer to grow them out. If only we could make our hair grow faster! But since you have to go through that annoying growing stage, try these tips for growing out your bangs without too much frustration …

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The most important of all the tips for growing out your bangs is that you will have to be patient. There are no short cuts (sorry!). You can't speed up the process, so you'll have to wait until your hair has grown sufficiently. It's going to take a few months, allowing for trims. Hair grows quite slowly (about 0.5 inches per month), so you can see it's going to take a while.


The Right Cut

Your stylist can help you survive the growing out process by cutting your bangs in the correct way. If they cut the corner of the bangs in a rounded way, it will look like you have side bangs, rather than bangs that you want to get rid of. It's best not to just let your bangs grow and part them in the middle, as it will look like you haven't been to the hairdresser in ages.



Oh my. How annoying it is when your bangs are at that irritating (and lengthy) in-between stage! It's starting to get in your eyes, yet it's not long enough to push to the side. The answer is to use clips. Opt for a pretty decorated clip rather than functional, boring grips, so that they look like part of your style.



Headbands are also a very useful answer to dealing with growing-out bangs. Bands are fun to wear, and will keep your half-short, half-long bangs neatly out of the way. Be sure to place the band further back, near the ends of your hair. Otherwise they will stick up, which will make you look kind of crazy.



Try using irons on your bangs to smooth them; use a narrow iron so that you can work on the short bangs easily. They'll not only look neater, which helps when you're trying to grow your bangs, but will also lift up slightly. If you don't own suitable irons, use a tiny amount of serum or styling product instead.



This might sound odd if you're trying to grow your bangs, but you should get them trimmed regularly. Your stylist can help them to blend in as they grow, and it will also keep them looking neat. Split and flyaway ends don't make for a good look, and will need to be cut eventually anyway.



Lastly, if you want to grow out your bangs you need to be committed to the process, as annoying as it can be at times. Don't lose patience halfway through and have your bangs cut again. You'll be back to square one and have to stick to your bangs. Have some patience and your bangs will soon be long enough.

We all fancy a change of style every now and then, and bangs are a great way to get a new look. Unfortunately, when you want to reverse the process it's a waiting game, but with these styling tricks you can get through the growing stage. Do you have any tips for growing out bangs?

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I feel like I'm being spyed by allwomenstalk's staff! Seriously, how come you are always on time with your articles, huh?! Love you! <3

Perfect timing! I decided yesterday to grow out my bangs for the first time in 11 years! Ahh!!

If you massage your scalp often it gets the blood going to your head and stimulates hair growth.

Nice hair!

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