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7 Rules to Follow if You Want to Lighten Your Hair ...

By Madison

If you are looking to lighten your hair, there are a few rules you must follow. Since lighter styles typically involve the use of bleach, it’s very important to follow these steps to ensure your hair will be healthy and look its best. So if you want to lighten your hair, read these tips first to make sure it gets done properly!

1 Go to a Professional

Go to a ProfessionalI cannot stress this enough – if you want to lighten your hair, please go to a professional. Bleach is a hazardous chemical that can lead to burns on your scalp as well as damage to your hair. To ensure that the process is done correctly, you need to go to a professional. Don’t trust a box dye to give you the results you want.

2 Go Slow

Go SlowDon’t expect immediate results with your lightening process, especially if you are going from dark hair to blonde. This cannot be easily done in one sitting. Usually, the process will take several months in order to get it to the exact shade you are wanting. Be patient with the process and know that taking it slow ensures the health of your hair. Bleaching too much too quickly can fry your hair and cause it to break off.

3 Tone

ToneToning your hair is a great way to get the exact shade you want. If you are taking the time to bleach your hair slowly, a toner will become your new best friend. Toners can take away the yellow undertone you get with bleaching and leave your hair looking more natural. Your stylist should tone your hair during your visit, but this is something you can keep up with at home as well. Talk to your stylist about ways to keep your hair color looking light and not brassy at home. One simple way to keep up with toning is by using a purple shampoo and conditioner.

4 Get Touch-ups Often

Get Touch-ups OftenWith blonde hair, it is important to get your roots touched up every 6 weeks. With darker hair, you can sometimes stretch this time out longer, but the lighter your hair is, the more often you need to get your roots done. The sooner you get your roots touched up, the better your hair will look and the easier it will be for your stylist to match your roots to your tips.

5 Have Fun

Have FunLightened hair is a canvas for other hair colors. Out of the ordinary colors only show up on pre-lightened hair, so once your hair is lightened, it’s time to experiment! Try a fun color or go platinum blonde. There is so much flexibility with lighter hair shades so enjoy it while you can!

6 Clarify

ClarifyBefore you lighten your hair, use a clarifying shampoo to rid your scalp from oils, dirt, and grease. This will give your stylist a clean slate to work with. The lightener will hold to your hair better on a clean canvas! After your hair is lightened, you can use a clarifying shampoo to help fight brassiness as well.

7 Get It Trimmed

Get It TrimmedGetting regular trims is also essential when lightening your hair. Since bleach can be harsh on your hair, it’s important to keep up with trimming away dead and split ends to keep your hair healthy. This will not only make your hair look better, but getting rid of the dead ends will help it to grow and hold color better. Your hair should be trimmed every time or every other time you get your hair colored.

If you are looking for a lighter hair color, then these tips should help you maintain the health of your hair, all while changing it up. Lightening your hair may take some time, money, and patience, but it will be worth it once you get to the final result. I hope these rules have helped you as much as they help me. I have been lightening my hair for years now and my hair looks and feels better than ever despite being a bottle blonde. Do you have any good advice for those who are looking to lighten their hair? Share it in the comments if so!

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