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I’m always looking for ways to fight frizzy hair. I have lots of curls, so there are days where frizz is just something I have to battle. I don’t like it and I’m sure you don’t either. Frizzy hair doesn’t look good, but it’s also annoying to have all those flyaways in my face all day. Over the years, I’ve found plenty of ways to fight frizzy hair, so read on and you’ll be well on your way to your best hair day yet.

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Use a Deep Conditioner

A deep conditioner is one of the easiest ways to fight frizzy hair. After all, you condition your locks every day anyway, so it won’t take any extra effort to use a deep conditioner that helps keep frizz under control. It’s a good idea to leave it on a bit longer than you normally would, say 5 minutes or so. That gives the product a really good chance to soak into your hair and do its magic. Use a deep conditioner every time you shampoo and you’ll be looking fabulous in just minutes.


Diffuse at a Distance

Many curly-haired ladies use a diffuser to blow dry their strands. Instead of blasting it just a couple inches from your head, try holding your dryer at least a foot away. It’ll still dry your hair, but that extra distance can really cut down on how much frizz is created.


Blot, Don’t Rub

When you dry your hair, blot it with an absorbent towel rather than twisting or rubbing it dry. Sure, it might take a few extra minutes, but you’ll be amazed at how much frizz you don't have when you do it this way. Think about it. When you rub curls, it just frizzes them out like crazy. By gently squeezing them dry, you don’t mess with their natural shape and they’re less likely to fro out on you as they dry.


Go Easy on the Chemicals

I’ve had curly hair most of my life, but it got progressively curlier with each of my pregnancies. I know, it’s weird, but that’s what I deal with now. For a while I fought the curls and used all sorts of chemical-laden products to try and tame it. I’ve long since given up on that. My hair thanks me every day now because skipping all those harsh products helps keep the curls looking fantastic without having to deal with frizz all the time.


Use Hydrating Products

One of the major contributors to frizzy hair is dryness, whether your hair is straight or curly. It’s important to use hydrating products as often as possible to keep moisture locked in and frizziness at bay. Look for hydrating shampoo, conditioner and heat styling products and your hair will look and feel better in no time.


Comb with Your Fingers

Nothing spells frizz like brushing your hair. In fact, I haven’t used a brush in years. When my hair is wet, I use a large comb, but when it’s dry I just use my fingers. This is an especially good idea if you have curly hair like mine. You can work out the tangles, but leave the curls intact. It’s such a simple way to battle the frizz and I totally recommend it.


Wear It up

Sometimes there are just days where the frizz won’t back down. On those days, I throw in the towel and do an up do. A nice side braid looks elegant and classy so you won’t look like you just rolled out of bed without time to style. A sleek ponytail or a French twist also looks great and can do wonders for hiding frizzy strands.

Do you fight with your frizzy hair? I hope these ideas will help you embrace the hair you have. Let me know how they work for you!

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Argon oil helps and use a tshirt to dry your hair helps so much


Really needed it :)

The only problem with 7. is that the idea doesn't help with frizz on the top if your hair :( anyone know what will?

Deep condition your hair after you wash your hair. Ring out your hair real well and then apply conditioner and comb the conditioner through. Wait a few minutes before you rinse your hair out with cool water. Gently ring out excess water and immediately wrap your hair in a towel. Wait a few mins b4 removing towel. Apply a hair oil or leave in product & then Comb thru your hair. Try and air dry your hair. Then proceed ;)

Leave in conditioner does the trick for me

Moroccan oil helps too.

Thanks :)

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