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I spend a lot of time searching for tips for naturally straight hair. I love it when I don’t have to do anything to it to style it, but I hate it when I really just want it to hold a curl! If you have straight hair, you know exactly what I mean, and you as well have probably spent too much time looking for tips for naturally straight hair. Look no further! I have compiled my favorite tips and tricks for dealing with straight hair!

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Go Heat-Free

Go Heat-Free I’m a huge advocate for going heat-free when it comes to your hair. Personally, my hair has never grown very fast. I’ve tried to abstain from heat as much as possible for the past eight months and my hair has grown substantially. Plus, I just love how healthy my hair feels. When I advise people to try going heat-free, they scoff at me. “My hair texture could never do that!” If you have straight hair, though, there’s a pretty definite chance that you can. Try it out, it’s one of my most important tips for naturally straight hair!


Try out a Sock Bun

Try out a Sock Bun My straight hair hates curling irons. Even if a professional curls it, my curls will last all of one hour, maybe. I’ve started to try sock bun curls on a regular basis. Not only does it save my hair from the heat damage that the hour-long curls leave me with, but I’ve also heard that it holds better curls for most people. I’ve only noticed a slight difference in the longevity of my sock bun curls versus my curling iron curls. That being said, however, most people with straight hair stick exclusively to sock bun curls because they last all day!


Learn What Works on You

Learn What Works on You It is so important to learn what works on you, especially when you have straight hair. Personally, I need fresh, clean hair to hold a style and can’t use a lot of product on it without weighing it down. I once went to a hairstylist for an important event who refused to wash my hair because she thought dirty hair would hold the style better. Imagine her shock when this wasn’t the case. Just because something works for someone else’s hair, doesn’t mean it will work for you, and it’s up to you to figure out what that is!


Tame the Static

Tame the Static This tip has saved my life many a time in the cold winter months. There are few things more upsetting that styling your hair only to be met with a ball of static ten minutes later. Okay, there are a lot more upsetting things. That’s not the point. The point is that by simply running a dryer sheet over your static-ridden hair, the static will disappear. Dryer sheets have saved my life on more than one occasion.


Set Your Style

Set Your Style When I first heard this tip, I didn’t understand how it could possibly work, but I tried it out anyway. After you’ve styled your hair, especially if you’ve used heat, blast it with cold air from your blow dryer. I’ve even heard of people who just stick their head in the freezer to set their style. I don’t know how it works, but I promise, for me at least, it did!


Baby Powder is Your Best Friend

Baby Powder is Your Best Friend If you have straight hair, there’s a pretty good chance you have to wash your hair more often than anyone else. You’ve probably rolled your eyes at the people who have told you it’s not good to wash your hair every day. They just don’t get it. If you’re running late, or are simply feeling too lazy to wash your hair one day, baby powder will save your life. It completely eliminates grease from your hair on the days you just can’t be bothered. This tip is especially helpful if you have blonde hair, as the baby powder can go almost undetected. If you, like me, have dark hair, the baby powder takes a little bit of playing around with before it completely disappears!


Salt Spray + Diffuser

Salt Spray + Diffuser If I had a dollar for every girl I’ve heard get upset over the fact that beach waves just won’t work with her hair, I’d be mildly rich. If you have straight hair and think beach waves are unattainable, don’t fret. Buy or make a sea salt spray, spray in your damp hair, and then blow your hair dry with a diffuser attachment. It’s the only way I’ve ever gotten beach waves to work on my hair.

What’s your straight hairstyle tip? Write it in the comments! I’m always looking for new hair tips to try out!

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I have straight hair, but I am not sure if it's fine or thin. HELP?

I brush my hair more than 7 times everyday, that helps to keep it soft and clean.

I really liked the sleek straight hair with center parting. I recently bought straight hair extensions from Indique hair for my friends wedding as I am having frizzy hair.

Thanks for the article!

Whenever I try a sock bun people just laugh at me they think the hairstyle is wierd...it really knocks my confidence

Stop touching your hair so much leave your hair alone

i agree wendy leave your hair alone........i have slightly oily hair so i have to wash it every other day with all natural shampoos and i find the more i brush or touch it with my hands the worse it will start to look.........but a problem with straight hair i find is that one hair that wont stay flat down looks soo bad and out of place.

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