7 Reasons to Dye Your Hair a Crazy Color at Least Once ...


If you have been looking for reasons to dye your hair a crazy color, I have 7 of them for you. Natural hair colors are, of course, always appropriate, but sometimes it’s fun to step out of the box. As long as your school or your work doesn’t mind you adding an unnatural color to your locks, what’s the harm? So work up that confidence and check out these 7 reasons to dye your hair a crazy color at least once!

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The Compliments

The Compliments One of the best reasons to dye your hair a crazy color is for the compliments. People notice when you do something out of the ordinary and most of the time, people like and appreciate it. I have never received more compliments on my hair than when I colored my entire head pink! So I know from experience that trying out a crazy color is bound to get you noticed and complimented!


It’s Fun

It’s Fun To say blondes have more fun would be a lie – it’s girls with crazy colored hair that have the most fun! I’m not sure if we feel like we have a persona we have to live up to with unnatural hair color or what, but something changes when you color your hair pink, yellow, purple, etc. that makes everything more fun! So if you need a pick-me-up in life, consider coloring your hair a wild color.


It’s Edgy

It’s Edgy One of the easiest ways to give yourself an edgy look, is to color your hair. If you are getting bored with your style, simply add some color to your locks. It can be just a pop here and there or an all over color for a really loud statement.


For Self-Expression

For Self-Expression Clothes are a great way to express yourself. Perhaps an even better way is through your hair. You can tell the world about yourself just by the way you color, style, and cut your hair. If you are feeling stifled creatively or emotionally, a little hair therapy may just be what you need! So go ahead and grab the purple hair dye and let your cares fade away.


It’s Fashionable

It’s Fashionable It seems like practically every celebrity has colored their hair a crazy color at least once. Fashion magazines and runways love to take advantage of wild colors on their models' hair. The right shade can make you look stylish and fashionable.


It’s Temporary

It’s Temporary There is no harm in coloring your hair a wild color because the results aren’t permanent. Most colors will fade within 6 weeks so the commitment time is minimal. Hair color is a fun and harmless way to try something new without a permanent change, which means there is no reason not to try it!


You’ll Love It

You’ll Love It Perhaps the most important reason of all to color your hair a crazy color is that you will love it. It doesn’t matter if your friends think it’s cute, chances are you will be more in love with your looks than ever before. If coloring your hair orange or indigo is something you’ve always dreamt of – go for it! You will be glad you did.

I hope I’ve convinced you to give unnatural hair colors a shot. It’s a temporary and harmless way to spice up your life. Would you ever consider coloring your hair a crazy color? Why or why not? Give us your thoughts in the comments section!

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I'm definently going to when I get older but I know my mom won't like it. I can't even get her to let me get a pink streak for breast cancer. She doesn't let me do anything interesting to my hair.

But I ain't got a micro ounce if guts to try that on me hahha

Every single picture features a white girl... what if ur blasian and want to try something different too?

I have herd people say do manic panic but I have dark brown hair so does anyone know if it would work on my dark brown hair if u know it would be great is u reply please thank you

Thank you so much! Ive been so conflicted whether or not to dye my hair a light pink or blue etc, or just to dye it in general. But,After reading this, I can thankfully say that the pros override the cons :)

I had my hair blue underneath one time and then a few years later purple and blue underneath, I lovvveeedddd it! Only damaging the second time because I didn't give it time to faded naturally completely out and used stripping shampoo to take it out and dyed it blonde on top :/

Just dye your hair a crazy colour mine is half pink half blonde. Sure it takes guts to and draws alot of attention but its great

I love the color of the woman's hair in the header picture

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