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7 Unnatural Hair Colors That Won't Look Too Crazy ...

By Holly

You're always told to keep your hair a realistic color, so that you don't look "unprofessional" and ruin your chances of finding a job. However, as long as you look presentable, most places won't mind what your hair looks like. If you want to branch out by wearing a fresh color, but don't want everyone's head to turn when you walk by, you have a few options. Here are a few unnatural hair colors that won't look too crazy:

1 Grey

Granny hair has become a huge trend for young women. It'll give you a new appreciation for your wardrobe, because it'll match any outfit perfectly. Plus, your hair is going to go grey eventually, so you can tell your boss that it technically is a natural hair color. Then they won't be able to complain about what you look like when you choose to rock this color.

2 Mint

Mint hair sounds like a crazy idea, but it doesn't look all that distracting. After all, it's a light color, which means it won't draw too much attention to it. So if you want to get away with wearing an unnatural color, your best bet is to take a look at all of the pretty pastel options out there.

3 Pastel Pink

This is another hair color that sounds intense, but actually looks pretty tame. It's a light shade, just like mint is, so it isn't going to make you stand out too much. As long as you're willing to stick to wearing light makeup that'll compliment your new hair color, there's no reason to stop yourself from dying it this elegant color. It'll make you feel cute constantly.

4 Platinum

Platinum blonde hair has been popular for years. Even though it isn't a natural color, it's one that people are so used to seeing that they won't bat an eye at you. That means your employer probably won't judge you for dying your hair this shade. Of course, it never hurts to ask them before you go ahead with the idea.

5 Orange

You've heard of red hair, but have you ever seen someone with orange hair? It comes pretty close to looking like a natural shade, so no one will do a double take when you walk past them. Of course, you'll be one of the only people around with this shade of hair, so you can still feel like a trendsetter.

6 Plum

Your friends might look at you funny if you tell them you're planning on dying your hair purple. However, if you dye it a dark, plum shade, no one will have anything bad to say about it. After all, in certain lighting, your hair will just look like it's black.

7 Red

There are ladies with naturally red hair, but you can dye your hair a brighter, unnatural shade of red. This is the most distracting color out of the ones on this list, but plenty of women can be caught wearing their hair like this. It's not all that uncommon nowadays.

If you dye your hair one of these colors, you'll look unique, but you won't look completely out of place. That means that you can still feel stylish without having a hard time finding a job. What color have you always wanted to dye your hair?

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