Messy Bun Inspo from These 23 Hot Instagram Queens ...

By Jennifer

Raise your hand if you love the messy bun! It's chic but not too glam, pretty without being pretentious, and if you're looking for a little messy-hair-don't-care inspo, check out these Instagram queen's and their glorious hair.

Table of contents:

  1. lorraine's braided bun
  2. rachel's office-ready style
  3. saoirse's perfect pink puff
  4. isabelle's blonde bun
  5. stephanie's day-off 'do
  6. elise's messy magenta bun
  7. her perfect(ly messy) hair
  8. nina's messy updo
  9. jess's dance-ready updo
  10. aubrey's messy half-updo
  11. tamarra's friday hair
  12. her messy bun and face-mask fun
  13. frédérique's messy bun & perfect brows
  14. dari's messy bun isn't really very messy
  15. her (slightly) messy mikmaids
  16. darcy's messy pin-up girl style
  17. johanna's messy tresses on the train
  18. veronica's messy braided bun
  19. rachel's last-day-of-exams bun
  20. riikka-marja's perfect messy style
  21. her sweet style
  22. marisa's messy bun & big scarf
  23. lisa's messy low bun

1 Lorraine's Braided Bun

2 Rachel's Office-Ready Style

3 Saoirse's Perfect Pink Puff

4 Isabelle's Blonde Bun

5 Stephanie's Day-off 'do

6 Elise's Messy Magenta Bun

7 Her Perfect(ly Messy) Hair

8 Nina's Messy Updo

9 Jess's Dance-Ready Updo

10 Aubrey's Messy Half-Updo

11 Tamarra's Friday Hair

12 Her Messy Bun and Face-mask Fun

13 Frédérique's Messy Bun & Perfect Brows

14 Dari's Messy Bun Isn't Really Very Messy

15 Her (slightly) Messy Mikmaids

16 Darcy's Messy Pin-up Girl Style

17 Johanna's Messy Tresses on the Train

Her hair is perfect, though, really.

18 Veronica's Messy Braided Bun

19 Rachel's Last-day-of-exams Bun

20 Riikka-Marja's Perfect Messy Style

21 Her Sweet Style

22 Marisa's Messy Bun & Big Scarf

23 Lisa's Messy Low Bun

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