Amazing Winter Hairstyles to Wear with a Headband ...

By Heather

Winter time is the time to break out your headbands and really spice up your hairstyles. Problem is, you've probably forgot how to wear your hair with a headband right? Don't worry! I've got your hair inspo right below!

Table of contents:

  1. wavy & down
  2. pushed back and curly
  3. short and sweet
  4. all the curls in the world
  5. the pigtail braids have it!
  6. parted in the middle
  7. cute short side part!
  8. pixie goddess
  9. all those curls!
  10. braided up bun
  11. hair in the front, pulled up in the back
  12. wispy bangs
  13. curled up-do
  14. add in a crown of braids
  15. ultimate up-do!
  16. slicked back
  17. high pony

1 Wavy & down

This look is so pretty!

2 Pushed Back and Curly

No effort at all!

3 Short and Sweet

You don't need long hair to wear a headband.

4 All the Curls in the World

Love this look!

5 The Pigtail Braids Have It!

This look is so chic and innocent.

6 Parted in the Middle

Wavy, parted, perfect!

7 Cute Short Side Part!

This look actually would work for me, since I have shorter hair!

8 Pixie Goddess

Short, sweet and sassy.

9 All Those Curls!

Push it back and leave it alone!

10 Braided up Bun

This look would be great for date night!

11 Hair in the Front, Pulled up in the Back

Easy and manageable!

12 Wispy Bangs

I love the up-do that she has on too!

13 Curled up-do

How chic!

14 Add in a Crown of Braids

Headband + braids = beautiful!

15 Ultimate up-do!

Love, love, love this look!

16 Slicked Back

This one would look great at work!

17 High Pony

Love color on this one!

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