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These 17 Haircuts Will Make You Look Fierce AF ...

By Heather

I just got my hair cut and while in the chair, I was feeling totally daring and a little bold. Have you ever felt like that? Don't you worry! I've got some of the edgiest, boldest haircuts that will make you look fierce AF girls.

1 Shaved Sides, Curly Top

Shaved Sides, Curly Top

2 Shaved Side and Long

Shaved Side and Long


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3 Edgy Platinum Pixie

Edgy Platinum Pixie

4 This Etched Lavender Hairstyle

This Etched Lavender Hairstyle

5 Fierce Bob with a Surprise

Fierce Bob with a Surprise

6 Awesome Undercut!

Awesome Undercut!

7 These Itty-bitty Bangs

These Itty-bitty Bangs

8 A Masterpiece in Some Eyes

A Masterpiece in Some Eyes

9 Geometric Display

Geometric Display

10 This Fire Triangular Shave

This Fire Triangular Shave

11 Oh, Those Beautiful Bangs

Oh, Those Beautiful Bangs

12 This Pretty Mohawk

This Pretty Mohawk

13 These Pointy Bangs

These Pointy Bangs

14 This Edgy Pixie

This Edgy Pixie

15 This Edgy Braid

This Edgy Braid

16 All These Dreadlocks

All These Dreadlocks

17 This Curly Undercut

This Curly Undercut

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