17 Geometric Hairstyles That Look Gorgeous ...


17 Geometric Hairstyles That Look Gorgeous ...
17 Geometric Hairstyles That Look Gorgeous ...

Geometric haircuts are getting more and more popular, and the more sharply angled, eye-catching, or unexpected, the better. If you love playing around with your hair, this might be the trend for you. It's just hair, after all, and it always grows back. Still, it takes a bold soul to try out a truly geometric 'do.

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Oh, the Swoop

Oh, the Swoop Man, that is a sexy curve, isn't it?


The swoop style brings a touch of drama and sophistication to any look. It frames the face with an undeniable edge, flirtatiously covering one eye while highlighting your cheekbones. Perfect for those nights you want a hairstyle that speaks volumes without a single word. Whether you pair it with a bold lip or an understated ensemble, the swoop has the unique capability of turning heads and starting conversations. It's where the chicness of geometry meets the allure of mystery in hair design.


A New Kind of Asymmetry

A New Kind of Asymmetry Bangs and a bowl cut. The cotton candy color brings it all together.


A Jagged Little Pill

A Jagged Little Pill Seriously, this looks like an ode to Alanis Morissette.


A Subtle Sort of Geometry

A Subtle Sort of Geometry If you're wary about the more severe examples of the trend but still want to try it, just choose a subtle style.


Sharp Angles + Color

Sharp Angles + Color Would you ever be bold enough to try something like this?


Ravishing Red Geometry

Ravishing Red Geometry I love this color, plus I'm digging the asymmetry of the bob. Not so much the bangs, though.


Uneven Fringe

Uneven Fringe That color takes this cut to a whole new level.


An Extreme Undercut

An Extreme Undercut This is pretty out of this world. No fake, though, the color fade is really pretty.


A New Way to Fade

A New Way to Fade I can only imagine how frustrating it feels to grow out a cut like this.


The Long and Short of It

The Long and Short of It There's something floaty and surreal about those long pieces. Love that deep, dark purple, too!


An Updated Kate Gosselin

An Updated Kate Gosselin Sorry, sorry. I actually think this is really gorgeous.


There's a Lot Going on Here

There's a Lot Going on Here It's like a bob meets a bowl cut and it's all asymmetrical.


Buzzed and Tousled

Buzzed and Tousled Kelly Osbourne knew this was going to be a trend forever ago.


This Woman is a Goddess

This Woman is a Goddess I want to find her and profess my undying admiration.


Sci-fi Sassy

Sci-fi Sassy This clearly comes straight from the future.


Blunt Bangs with a Little Cheek

Blunt Bangs with a Little Cheek This is all kinds of adorable, though.


Stair-step Style

Stair-step Style This takes serious commitment to bangs. I mean, that's insane. Gorgeous pic, though.

Do you like geometry enough to incorporate it into your hairstyle? I failed math, so I'm going with a big nope. I'll continue admiring the style from afar.

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I don't like it. Very fun to look at tho!! :)

These ladies look like they live in outer space


The cuts make the women look like SIMS characters

You have no.cuts of women with round faces these are all skinny and long faced

unique hairstyles, but I don't think I'll be having one in this lifetime lol

These styles are crazy!!! You would like it for five minutes then regret it

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