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It's Not Too Early to Check out This Beach Hair Inspiration ...

By Jennifer

It's never too early to get some beach hair inspo! The loose waves, the windblown look, the natural babylights... what's not to love (and to covet)? Here's a little beach hair (don't care!) inspiration to see you through to spring break and beyond.

1 Isabel's Waves & Ombre

Isabel's Waves & OmbreHer ombre sea-ready waves are just gorgeous!

2 Her Salon Style

Her Salon StyleI love her color, and those babylights are just gorgeous!

3 Her Curls

Her CurlsIsn't she beautiful? The swimsuit, the sunnies, the wind-blow curls!

4 Her Sun-kissed Tresses

Her Sun-kissed TressesI love the honey-caramel balayage in her hair... it's like sunshine!

5 Her Blonde Waves

Her Blonde WavesI wish my hair fell like this every day!

6 These Besties' Beach Waves

These Besties' Beach WavesThese besties have beautiful beach hair, together!

7 Kelsey's California Hair

Kelsey's California HairSay "hola" to beach-y waves.

8 Brooke's Perfect Pony

Brooke's Perfect PonyWhy can't my ponytails ever look this good?

9 Victoria's Secret

Victoria's SecretHer secret to perfect beach hair? A fun sun hat!

10 Her Beautiful Blonde Balayage

Her Beautiful Blonde BalayageI love her color... it's so bright, but not brassy.

11 Deanne's Curls

Deanne's CurlsCould her curls be any shinier?

12 Her Auburn Waves

Her Auburn WavesHer hair is just perfect!

13 Her Sleek Style

Her Sleek StyleI can't decide if I love her hair, her aviators, her whit suitie, or her lip color more.

14 Her Half-up Hair

Her Half-up HairI want to try this style so bad, but I can't figure out how to do it...

15 Ashley's Natural Hair

Ashley's Natural HairShe makes beach hair look office-ready and effortless.

16 Her Messy Tresses

Her Messy TressesI love how she's just gorgeous with that wind-blown style!

17 Her Cozy Sweater & Beach Hair

Her Cozy Sweater & Beach HairI want waves like that! And maybe that sweater, too.

18 Kitson's Long, Loose Waves

Kitson's Long, Loose WavesHer hair is just gorgeous, so long and thick... and those boho waves!

19 Nazifa's so Chic!

Nazifa's so Chic!The wind is cooperating for her in a way it never does for me. She looks so chic!

20 Júlia's Perfect Waves

Júlia's Perfect WavesHer hair is so pretty... she looks like the poster girl for surf lessons!

21 Her Short Style

Her Short StyleShe's proof that short hair can be beach hair, too.

22 Her Sweet Side-parted Curls

Her Sweet Side-parted CurlsHer curls are just beautiful, all soft and wind-tossed.

23 Martina's Messy Mermaid Bun

Martina's Messy Mermaid BunShe's combined the mermaid hair trend, the messy bun trend, and the beach-hair trend... sweet!

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