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These Photos Are Bound to Give You Major Braid Envy ...

By Jennifer

Braids are still totes on-trend this spring, and with so many plaits to try, and so many ways to wear them, there's bound to be a braid (or three) for you. If you're stuck for braid-spiration, here are some photos to help. Careful, though: you may end up with some major braid envy.

1 Her Gorgeous Braid

Her Gorgeous Braid

2 Her Waterfall Braid

Her Waterfall Braid

3 Gwen's Tiny Side Braid & Hat

Gwen's Tiny Side Braid & Hat

4 Her Katniss-inspired Braid

Her Katniss-inspired Braid

5 Her Updo

Her Updo

6 Her Fishtail

Her Fishtail

7 Her Dutch Braid

Her Dutch Braid

8 Her Serpentine Braid

Her Serpentine Braid

9 Her Braided Pony

Her Braided Pony

10 Her Dutch Braid

Her Dutch Braid

11 Her Braided Crown

Her Braided Crown

12 Iren's Casual Braid

Iren's Casual Braid

13 Her Upside-down Braid and Messy Bun

Her Upside-down Braid and Messy Bun

14 Her Tiny Cornrows

Her Tiny Cornrows

15 Her Braid

Her Braid

16 Velane's Braids and Shades

Velane's Braids and Shades

17 Jessica's Boxer Braids

Jessica's Boxer Braids

18 Her Blonde Braid

Her Blonde Braid

19 Her Boho Braids

Her Boho Braids

20 Her Faux-hawk Braid

Her Faux-hawk Braid

21 Her Bitty Braids

Her Bitty Braids

22 Her Accent Braid

Her Accent Braid

23 Her Bold Braids

Her Bold Braids

24 Her Killer Cornrows

Her Killer Cornrows

25 Kim K's Braids

Kim K's Braids

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