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And This is Why Bangs Are the Biggest Hair Trend This Spring ...

By Jennifer

The biggest hair trend this spring is bangs, those face-framing layers we're constantly growing out and cutting in. If you're not sure why fringe is making a comeback, here are a few photos to illustrate.

1 Anita's Long Bangs

Anita's Long Bangs

2 Julia's Super-short Bangs

Julia's Super-short Bangs

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3 Lily-Rose's Piece-y Fringe

Lily-Rose's Piece-y Fringe

4 Ondrei's Soft Bangs

Ondrei's Soft Bangs

5 Her Hair

Her Hair

6 Vikki's Blue Bangs

Vikki's Blue Bangs

7 Her Long Fringe

Her Long Fringe

8 Katharina's Brow-length Bangs

Katharina's Brow-length Bangs

9 Her Blunt Bangs

Her Blunt Bangs

10 Her Wispy Bangs

Her Wispy Bangs

11 Laura's Choppy Bangs

Laura's Choppy Bangs

12 Kathy's Bangs and Bob

Kathy's Bangs and Bob

13 Shannon's Long Bangs

Shannon's Long BangsLove those glasses!

14 Her Side-swept Bangs

Her Side-swept Bangs

15 Hannah's Hair

Hannah's Hair

16 Suzie's Thick Bangs

Suzie's Thick Bangs

17 Sandra's Short, Blunt Bangs

Sandra's Short, Blunt Bangs

18 Jelena's Wispy Bangs

Jelena's Wispy Bangs

19 Her above-the-brow Bangs

Her above-the-brow Bangs

20 Caitríona's Fringe

Caitríona's Fringe

21 Her Full Fringe

Her Full Fringe

22 Her Blunt Bangs

Her Blunt Bangs

23 Her Brunette Bangs

Her Brunette Bangs

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