17 Sexy Braids for Everyone with Ethnic Hair ...


17 Sexy Braids for Everyone with Ethnic Hair ...
17 Sexy Braids for Everyone with Ethnic Hair ...

Braids are something that I've always admired and that I've always loved – I can't braid for anything! So, because of my lack of braiding skills, take a look at my top enthic braids below! They are breathtaking, which one are you going to try?

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Beautiful Box Braids

Beautiful Box Braids LOVE the top knot!


Twisty Braids

Twisty Braids How beautiful does she look?


Blue & Long

Blue & Long The little knots on top? So cute!


Big Top Knot

Big Top Knot Love how amazing these braids are!


Weaving Braids

Weaving Braids I wish I could recreate this!


Double Dutch Braids

Double Dutch Braids So perfect.


Deep French Braids

Deep French Braids Oh the colors!


Longgggg Box Braids

Longgggg Box Braids I wish I had this length!


Spiral Braids

Spiral Braids These are so unique and different!


Beehive Braids

Beehive Braids This look reminds me of the fifties.


Short Braids

Short Braids How cute!


White Braids

White Braids LOVE the color of these!


Crowning Braid

Crowning Braid Love the natural hair in this photo!


Beautiful Folds

Beautiful Folds I love how this one folds in.


Zig Zag Braids

Zig Zag Braids Love the faux hawk on this too!


Side Braids

Side Braids All the curls!


Twirly Braids

Twirly Braids How beautiful and thick!

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Ridiculous. "Twirly braids?" Where do they do those? Here's my gripe with this app. It's clear it caters to a certain audience, but when they venture outside of that box, it fails miserably like this. Smh.

Ditto @Vintage Curls! I'm like who wrote this. The names of the braids were funny. Thanks for liking the styles of braids you see worn, but this was not your area of expertise.

They had the wrong names for the styles and color. They "white" braids weren't even white. I guess anyone can out an article on here.

😂😂 I died laughing at how she made up names for the same types of braids. I LOVE the fact that she tried and loves how we style our hair. Mad props on that. ❤️

This is so inaccurate and embarrassing... Not informal or correct at all


Why she couldn't just google the names?? Glad she love our style but could've did better with the names

What is a twirly braid? It's marley twists. Who made this post? Try again because most of the names are wrong. Good attempt though.

Why is a white lady writing a post on black hair styles? Then calls it "ethnic."

The names tho.. Lawd lol

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