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17 Sexy Braids for Everyone with Ethnic Hair ...

By Heather

Braids are something that I've always admired and that I've always loved – I can't braid for anything! So, because of my lack of braiding skills, take a look at my top enthic braids below! They are breathtaking, which one are you going to try?

Table of contents:

  1. Beautiful box braids
  2. Twisty braids
  3. Blue & long
  4. Big top knot
  5. Weaving braids
  6. Double dutch braids
  7. Deep french braids
  8. Longgggg box braids
  9. Spiral braids
  10. Beehive braids
  11. Short braids
  12. White braids
  13. Crowning braid
  14. Beautiful folds
  15. Zig zag braids
  16. Side braids
  17. Twirly braids

1 Beautiful Box Braids

LOVE the top knot!

2 Twisty Braids

How beautiful does she look?

3 Blue & Long

The little knots on top? So cute!

4 Big Top Knot

Love how amazing these braids are!

5 Weaving Braids

I wish I could recreate this!

6 Double Dutch Braids

So perfect.

7 Deep French Braids

Oh the colors!

8 Longgggg Box Braids

I wish I had this length!

9 Spiral Braids

These are so unique and different!

10 Beehive Braids

This look reminds me of the fifties.

11 Short Braids

How cute!

12 White Braids

LOVE the color of these!

13 Crowning Braid

Love the natural hair in this photo!

14 Beautiful Folds

I love how this one folds in.

15 Zig Zag Braids

Love the faux hawk on this too!

16 Side Braids

All the curls!

17 Twirly Braids

How beautiful and thick!

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