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21 Instagram Queens That'll Make You Embrace Your Curly Hair ...

By Jennifer

Nothing can turn a proper lady into a cursing sailor faster than a headful of curls that refuse to de-frizz or straighten on command. Maybe it's time to let your curls be curls! Embrace your naturally curly hair, with a little style inspo from these Instagram queens.

1 Jessica's Sweet Spirals

Jessica's Sweet Spirals

2 Roberta's Natural Curls

Roberta's Natural Curls

3 Shira's Beautiful Blonde Curls

Shira's Beautiful Blonde Curls

4 Valentine's Curly Hair

Valentine's Curly Hair... and I love her necklace!

5 Judi's Terrific Tresses

Judi's Terrific Tresses

6 Toni's Curls & Sunnies

Toni's Curls & Sunnies

7 Elena's Twist out

Elena's Twist out

8 Her Curls & Babylights

Her Curls & Babylights

9 Sissi's Colorful Curls

Sissi's Colorful Curls

10 Her Gorgeous Natural Hair

Her Gorgeous Natural Hair

11 Patrycja's Pretty Curls

Patrycja's Pretty Curls

12 Her Soft Curls & Red Lippie

Her Soft Curls & Red Lippie

13 Her Flawless Updo

Her Flawless Updo

14 Her Rainy-day Waves

Her Rainy-day Waves

15 Her Marvelous Texture

Her Marvelous Texture

16 Her Sweet Style!

Her Sweet Style!

17 Alexandra's Curls

Alexandra's Curls

18 Nadège's Natural Curls

Nadège's Natural Curls

19 Her Hair!

Her Hair!

20 Her Shine (and That Smile!)

Her Shine (and That Smile!)

21 Her Hair

Her Hair

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