Women with Natural Hair Should Try These 17 Styles ...


Natural hair is so pretty but can be difficult to style. If you're looking for some inspiration for your natural hair, look no further – I got you covered! Below, I've got the best natural hairstyles out there. So, take a look and see which one fits you best!

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Short and Sassy

Short and Sassy Love the color on this beautiful hair!


Braids in the Front

Braids in the Front Curls in the back!


Small Part

Small Part Do you see it? It's small and so adorable.


Curls and Gel

Curls and Gel This look is so classic and so perfect.


Side Part with Afro

Side Part with Afro Love, love the natural of this hairstyle and the color!


Braided and Curls

Braided and Curls Keep it long and chic.


Slicked down on One Side

Slicked down on One Side The spiral curls on this hairstyle is beautiful.


Shaved Sides

Shaved Sides Love the faux hawk and the boldness of this hairstyle!


Braided Updo

Braided Updo Perfect wedding hairstyle for natural hair.


All the Beautiful Curls

All the Beautiful Curls Love the look of this.


Braided and Slicked up

Braided and Slicked up I am in love with this look!


Shaved in Designs

Shaved in Designs The one thing I love about short hair on a woman is the fact that you can shave in artwork. It's beautiful!


Classy Updo

Classy Updo Classy and chic – so Breakfast at Tiffany's!



Pompadour Hard to achieve but so beautiful!



Afro Beautiful and you barely have to do anything.


Swept up in a Scarf

Swept up in a Scarf This style is amazing and so beautiful!


Braided Top Knot

Braided Top Knot Breathtaking.

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Love the ideas. 😊 Not all natural hair is short!

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MAN these women are rocking these hairstyles! They are all so beautiful. =-) @Brittany: Girl, I feel you; I have been wanting to wear my hair in some bouncy, thick, fun curls for so long now lol!

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Amazing how versatile we can be with our hair. Natural hair is softer than cotton.

except for the short hair lol

At some point, we all have/or have had "natural hair". Does that mean that those who wear wigs or extensions can't use these ideas? The title seems to say we can't do these things.

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