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17 Hairstyles You Can Create with Hot Rollers ...

By Eliza

Hot rollers can be a girl's best friend. They give you the option of so many hairstyles and will make every single day a good hair day. Got some hot rollers, but aren't sure what to do with them? Here are some great inspiration styles that I think you'll be running to the bathroom to copy. Get ready to turn some heads!

1 Mega Curls

Mega CurlsThere's nothing better than some curls and your hot rollers make it easy to get them.

2 Try Some Bouncy Waves

Try Some Bouncy WavesUse only the big rollers to create some fabulous waves in your hair.

3 A Big, Fancy Updo

A Big, Fancy UpdoHot rollers give your hair lots of volume, which makes a fancy updo look even better.

4 A Little Flip at the End

A Little Flip at the EndPlace your hot rollers just in the ends of your hair for a fantastic flip that you'll love.

5 Waves with a Side Part

Waves with a Side PartBeachy waves are all the rage right now and a nice, deep side part really enhances them.

6 Short and Curly

Short and CurlyThis style is perfect for anyone. You are going to love it!

7 Curly Side Pony

Curly Side PonyWhere would you wear this hairstyle?

8 Awesome Curly Side Bun

Awesome Curly Side BunThis look can be easily mastered with hot rollers and is great for both casual or formal events.

9 Wavy with Side Bangs

Wavy with Side BangsYour smaller hot rollers should make creating this look super easy.

10 Something Retro

Something RetroThis classic look will always be the perfect option.

11 Side Swept and Glamorous

Side Swept and GlamorousHere's a fabulous curly look that you can create for a night out on the town.

12 Half up and Half down

Half up and Half downThis casual hairstyle can easily be paired with a little black dress for a fancier occasion.

13 With Some Fantastic Bangs

With Some Fantastic BangsDon't you just absolutely love how this looks?

14 Something Retro

Something RetroWhere would you go with your hair done like this?

15 Causal and Gorgeous

Causal and GorgeousYou won't believe how easy it is to create this lovely look.

16 Bangs Clipped Back

Bangs Clipped BackThis look is one that is sure to get you loads and loads of compliments.

17 Shoulder Length Curls

Shoulder Length CurlsPerfect, isn't it?

Which one of these looks are you trying today?

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