The Best Hair Extension Looks from Instagram ...


The Best Hair Extension Looks from Instagram ...
The Best Hair Extension Looks from Instagram ...

Hair extensions are so much fun, but it can be tricky finding extensions that look great in your hair and blend well with the rest of the shades in your hair. If you're looking for pictures that will inspire your hair extension hairstyles, look no further than this list. You'll never need new inspiration for your hair extensions again!

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Half up Ombre

Half up Ombre The ombre looks so much more dramatic when her hair is pulled back!


A Little More Body

A Little More Body Sometimes your hair just needs a little more body to get the style you want!


Blake Lively Braid

Blake Lively Braid Aren't we all still pining after this Blake Lively style?


Khloe Kardashian Look

Khloe Kardashian Look Khloe Kardashian has made this a style that we all are trying to achieve, and this girl did a great job of doing that with these hair extensions!



Layers Aren't these layers stunning?


New Take on a Ponytail

New Take on a Ponytail This new take on a ponytail takes lazy day hairstyles to a whole new level!


Long Curls

Long Curls These curls are something that every girl is trying to achieve!


Kylie Jenner Hair

Kylie Jenner Hair Remember when Kylie Jenner made this hair color iconic?


Wedding Style

Wedding Style Dress up your extensions with this wedding look.


Black to Dark Green Mermaid Ombre

Black to Dark Green Mermaid Ombre Does it get more unique than this black to green ombre?


Radiant Ombre

Radiant Ombre This ombre is perfect and blends so well with her extensions!


Triple Braids

Triple Braids These braids look so bohemian and pretty!


Mohawk Ponytail

Mohawk Ponytail Turn a simple style into one that will turn heads!


Simple Headband

Simple Headband This headband completely changes even the simplest hairstyle!


Braid Ponytail

Braid Ponytail Give your hair more "umpf" with extensions and this style.


Big, Dramatic Curls

Big, Dramatic Curls These gorgeous curls can make anyone buy hair extensions!


Boho Braids

Boho Braids Don't you love the piece-y look of this braid style?


Dark Blonde to to Gold

Dark Blonde to to Gold This variation in blondes works so well with hair extensions!


Tons of Volume

Tons of Volume Take volume to the next level with this style!


Beachy Hair

Beachy Hair Look like you just walked off the beach with this relaxed style!

What's your favorite hair extension style on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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Unfortunately I can't see some of the photos well

11 & 18. Love the subtle blonde ombres!

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