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You Can Still Get Hair Inspiration from Gossip Girl in 2016 ...

By Eliza

Gossip girl was a favorite television show for many women. While you may be stuck with reruns now, there are loads of great hairstyles from the show that are still trendy today. We can thank Gossip Girl for lots of things and these fabulous looks are just one of them.

1 Something Glamorous

Something Glamorous Source: Leighton Meester's Hair

2 A Beautiful Headband

A Beautiful Headband Source: Leighton Meester's Hair

3 Swept to the Side

Swept to the Side Source: Blake Lively Gossip Girl Hair

4 Wispy Pieces

Wispy Pieces Source: We It

5 Fabulous Curls

Fabulous Curls Source: beauty

6 Perfect Waves

Perfect Waves Source: Birchbox

7 With Dramatic Makeup

With Dramatic Makeup Source: Leighton Meester's Hair

8 Vintage Glamour

Vintage Glamour Source: Blake's Beauty Moments

9 Pulled Back Style

Pulled Back Style Source: girls hairstyles photos pictures images

10 Adorable Bow

Adorable Bow Source: Wavy Hair extensions USA

11 Long and Loose

Long and Loose Source: PHOTOS: Leighton Meester Chops It

12 Glamorous Updo

Glamorous Updo Source: Leighton Meester Queen hairstyles in

13 Retro Look

Retro Look Source: Top 100 Prom Hairstyles

14 Keeping It Simple

Keeping It Simple Source: Leighton Meester Queen hairstyles in

15 Straight and Sleek

Straight and Sleek Source: Images leighton meester blonde

16 Ombre Headband

Ombre Headband Source: Hair accessory: gossip girl red

17 Topped with a Hat

Topped with a Hat Source: Leighton Meester’s Gossip Girl hairstyle

18 Fabulous Side Part

Fabulous Side Part Source: Blake's Beauty Moments

19 Glam Ponytail

Glam Ponytail Source: Blake Lively Hair

20 Talk about an Updo!

Talk about an Updo! Source: 27 Blake Lively Hairstyles-Blake Lively

21 Perfect Braid

Perfect Braid Source: hair what will i wear
Which one do you plan to try today? How much do you miss Gossip Girl?

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