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Headbands to Keep Your Hair in Place All Day Long ...

By Eliza

A headband is the perfect accessory for casual days and more formal occasions. The great thing is that a fab headband can give your style some personality, but will also keep your hair contained and out of your face all day. What more could a girl want? Here are some headbands that will serve you well for anything.

1 Something Quirky

Where would you wear this adorable headband?

2 A Major Splurge
This one might require some saving, but you will adore how it looks in your hair.

3 Super Comfy
This comfy and stylish headband is great for casual daily wear or for the gym.

4 Check out the Bow

Check out the
The color is as great as the adorable bow!

5 For Your Workout
Here's a headband perfect for any kind of exercise.

6 Go Retro
Hark back to a past generation with this cute headband.

7 Blue Floral
Do you love this as much as I do?

8 Sweater Style
If you want something cozy, this is definitely the headband you've been looking for.

9 Braided Leather

You'll look nothing but stylish and fashionable when you have a braid on your headband.

10 Something Sparkly
If you want some sparkle in your life, this is what you need.

11 Pretty in Pink
You will totally love what this headband will do for your look.

12 Bright Red

Inject some color into your life with this bright red headband.

13 Fun Pattern

This neutral color scheme will look great with so many things in your closet.

14 Floral Headband
You'll look so wonderful with this headband of flowers on your head.

15 Neutral but Adorable

Neutral but
Add some style to casual dresses or work clothes with this cute floral headband.

16 Running Headband

If you're a runner, this is the headband you've got to own.

17 Something Simple

This simple headband is comfortable to wear and looks great with casual and dressy outfits.

18 Sleek and Black
Every girl needs a simple black headband like this one.

19 Something Shiny

Isn't this gorgeous?

20 Something Edgy

Add some rock and roll edge to your style with some fantastic studs like these.

21 Triple Row Headband

Triple Row
Just imagine how wonderful this headband will look sitting on your head.

Which of these headbands do you love the most?

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