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If you’re looking for ways to make your hair shiny, and you're tempted to buy some of those pricey products out there, I’d like you to hear me out first. Let me tell you, as a lady who likes to maintain a balanced beauty budget, I can promise you that all those expensive products aren’t necessary. I have a few tricks up my sleeve I’ve used over the years that are commonly known ways to make your hair shiny, but often get overlooked. Let me share with you a few friendly reminders that the best ways to give your hair a nice glossy shine don’t have to mean you empty out your wallet in the meantime.

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Natural Oils

Natural Oils One of the most natural ways to make your hair shiny is to use natural plant oils. Hemp, olive, coconut, flax or avocado oil are all amazing for you and your body, along with your hair. Now, the key is to use these oils before you shampoo, and let them set in for an hour before. Then, shampoo and condition as normal. This will make your hair shiny, but prevent it from being oily.


Don’t Wash Every Day

Don’t Wash Every Day Another simple tip that requires you to buy no products whatsoever, and actually saves money on the products you do have, is to not wash your hair every day. Just washing every other day can help your natural oils do their own thing, which they prefer to do anyway. Believe it or not, just skipping one day won’t make your hair oily, but makes an incredible difference in how shiny it is. This happens by brushing your hair and distributing natural oils from your scalp down to your hair. Try it, save money and enjoy you naturally shiny hair!


Choose the Right Conditioner

Choose the Right Conditioner Notice I didn’t say to buy a good conditioner? You don’t need to focus on what conditioners you should be buying, but picking the best option from the brands you already buy. For instance, I love Garnier products because they’re affordable and they work, yet some of their conditioners work better for dry and damaged hair, and others are better for normal or oily hair. If you’re buying a basic conditioner in whatever brand you’re choosing from, you might not be getting the best benefits for shiny hair. I choose a conditioner that has triple the amount of conditioners in one bottle, or one infused with specific ingredients like shea butter or jajoba oils, which will naturally make your hair shiny. Choose a conditioner that will help your hair shine, and not just a basic one.


Use Baby Shampoo

Use Baby Shampoo Another great way to make your hair shiny is to use baby shampoo to wash it with. Baby shampoo is gentler on your hair, and if you’ve noticed, all babies have shiny hair, so you should give it a try too! As a bonus, your hair will smell incredibly soft and sweet.


Always Condition

Always Condition If you’re in a hurry and tempted to skip conditioner, don’t. You need to condition your hair, even if it’s just the ends. When you skip conditioning, you skip the perfect opportunity to help your hair shine. Always condition your hair, which not only helps it shine, but protects it from damage.

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Use a Diffuser

Use a Diffuser You know those diffusers that come with hair dryers many of us don’t ever use? Well, I’m here to tell you that if you want shiny hair, you need to pick up the diffuser and use it more! It’s one of the best tools you can use for keeping your hair shiny. Diffusers keep too much heat from being applied to your hair at one time, which will dry it out quickly. It can also help your hair look silkier and smoother, and is simple enough for anyone to use.


Eat Fat

Eat Fat The tastiest way to make your hair shiny, and a free one, is to eat healthy fats. You truly can eat your way to beautiful hair, believe it or not. Almonds, coconut products, salmon, trout, tuna, walnuts, hemp, flax and chia, are all some of the best sources of healthy fats to consume for your hair, and they're the best for you body. They’ll help increase natural shine in your hair, help it to grow and also promote strength. You should notice effects in as little as a month, and eaten in the right portions, you won’t gain weight, but probably lose a few from these healthy fats’ slimming effects.

Having shiny hair isn’t incredibly hard to obtain, it just takes a little creativity and thought in your daily life to make it happen. These tips aren't earth-shattering or brand new, but they are often overlooked when we think we need a pricey product to do the job. Don’t overlook these simple tips! They really do work. Do you have a natural tip to make your hair shiny?

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Baby shampoo is awesome I've been using it ever my first child was born and he is 23 now

Sulfate free shampoo

I really like this one it makes me want to became a model

I really like this on it makes me want to be calm a boxing model sweetheart

I thought I was the only one who use baby shampoo!

How can something smell soft?

What type of conditioner do you use with the baby shampoo? Anything as long as it goes with the hair type. Like oily, dry etc???

Baby shampoo is actually really bad for your hair because it is highly alkaline because babies have a different pH then adults, so it essentially dries the shit outta your hair...thus making it absolutely not shiny lol. It is good to take artificial color out of your hair though..

Omg I never though baby shampoo would work !! I ❤️ it now !!!

I too use baby shampoo n it really shows it's magic !

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