Possible Reasons for Hair Shedding You May Not Have Considered ...


Possible Reasons for Hair Shedding You May Not Have Considered ...
Possible Reasons for Hair Shedding You May Not Have Considered ...

You're in the right place if you're looking for the possible causes of hair shedding. Have you noticed that your usual shedding of hair has increased or is more often than you would like? If so, did you automatically assume it is due to some serious and/or deadly disease? Then this article should be some relief to you. Just because you are shedding more hair does not necessarily mean you are dying. WebMD and plenty of other medical websites don’t exactly help you in this situation. So, if you are losing more hair, here are some possible causes of hair shedding. Note: this article is not discussing hair loss but rather hair shedding. Please keep in mind the difference.

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Shower Water

One of the possible causes of hair shedding is your shower water. Opposite of the water you drink, the water that comes out of the shower or sink in your home is called hard water. Hard water simply contains a certain amount of minerals and other elements that can make the water rough on your skin and hair. After residing in Germany for quite some time, I noticed that I was shedding more hair in the shower than I used to. Looking online, I came upon forums of people discussing the same issue of shower water in Germany. In the U.S., specific parts of the country have harder water than others. If you live in one of these areas, the shower water might be your problem. The solution to this is to purchase a soft water filter for your showerhead.



Yes, stress can lead to hair shedding. So don’t stress about your hair shedding because doing so will make it worse. It is quite the conundrum, isn’t it? On a more serious note, if this is the reason for your hair problem, there is nothing to worry about. To reduce stress, participate in activities that are known for relieving stress such as yoga, crafts, or whatever your heart desires. For me, writing and drawing helps relieve stress.


Hair Products

Apparently, certain products that are made to treat your hair can actually cause more harm than good. Exposing your hair follicles to certain chemicals in excessive amounts can weaken the follicles, causing your hair to break. To prevent this, reduce the number of hair products you use and how often you use them. Also, look into which chemicals are unhealthy for you, but the safest bet is to use organic shampoos, conditioners, etc.


Vitamin Deficiency

In today’s world, it is very difficult to maintain a diet that provides all the necessary nutrients and vitamins that we need for our bodies. Calcium, iron, and protein are the three vitamins that keep your hair strong and beautiful. In order to save your hair, consume more food and drinks that contain these vitamins. And I highly recommend that you avoid vitamin supplements. They don’t give you the full amount you need as only a small portion is absorbed into your system and they are also a strain on your wallet.

Hopefully, this article has eased your worry. But, if you sincerely think you’re hair shedding is due to some illness, please go to a doctor about it and try not to self-diagnose through the Internet. It’ll just make you paranoid.

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