Here's πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‡ How to Never ❌ Have a Bad πŸ‘Ž Haircut πŸ’‡ Again ...

Every girl needs to know how to ensure you never have a bad haircut. Don’t worry, it’s okay, you are here amongst friends. It’s perfectly acceptable to admit that you have, at some point or another in your life, had a terrible haircut! Bad haircuts feel like something of a rite of passage that we all need to go through during our lives, and whether it happens when you are a child or a teenager or an adult, it can still have long lasting memories for you! You might have visited a bad hairdresser, you might have fallen for a current trend of the time that in retrospect should never have been a thing. Whatever it was that made you lose temporary control of your hair, it’s part of our job to make sure that it never happens again! Here are few tips for how to ensure you never have a bad haircut.

1. Research

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Going to get a haircut should be the same as doing something like going to get a tattoo. There are good hairdressers and bad hairdressers, and it’s your job to work out which one's which. Ask around between your friends and family, and also look at reviews online. There will be more than enough information about for you to make an informed decision on where to get your haircut and this is one of the best answers for how to ensure you never have a bad haircut.

2. Experienced Stylist

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Sure, all hairdressers have to start somewhere, but when you are trying to get the best haircut possible, then you should be choosing the most experienced stylists in your area. All salons will have junior stylists on their books, and you can often get haircuts from these employees for cheaper prices. In general, this is a good idea, but when you are trying to get as good a haircut as possible, you really should stick to the seasoned pros.

3. Consultation

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Don’t head straight to the salon with a plan. When you’re paying for a haircut, some of that price also goes towards being able to have a good discussion with your stylist, so make the most of this by asking their opinions on what they think would be most suitable for you. Even though you might have your heart set on a particular style, it doesn’t always mean that it is going to be most suitable for your face shape. Your hairdresser will know this.

4. Be Realistic

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To put it simply, hairdressers are not magicians! You can’t walk into a salon expecting to come out looking like Jennifer Aniston when you know you don’t have enough hair to achieve the look. Be realistic about what you think your hairdresser can do, and you won’t end up asking for something silly. At the end of the day, your stylist can advise you, but they are only there to do exactly what you ask of them so if you ask something wrong, they will give it to you regardless!

5. Be Vocal

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There are some hairdressers that tend to go a bit crazy once they start! If you are in the chair and can sense that things are starting to go a little bit off plan, then do not be afraid to speak up. Ultimately, you are the one who has to live with the style that you were given, so if you can see that it is turning into something that you didn’t ask for, that you have to say something at the moment so it can be changed.

6. Develop a Relationship

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It is really worth actually making friends and developing a relationship with your hairdresser. The more comfortable you are in their presence, the higher the level of trust will be between the two of you. There is an inevitable honesty that comes along with a good relationship, and honesty is a vital part of achieving a good hairstyle. Once you have found that hairdresser you can really be honest with, then you will probably never have a bad haircut again!

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