How to Keep Your Hair Selfie Ready ...


How to Keep Your Hair Selfie Ready ...
How to Keep Your Hair Selfie Ready ...

Selfies. We all take them, we all post them, and most annoyingly, we hardly ever feel like we are ready for them! When it comes to taking the perfect selfie, you want all of your looks to be on point without having to use the help of a filter, and when you are out and about at various parties and events, the one thing that has the potential to ruin a selfie session is your hair! Out of everything to consider, makeup, your smile, etc., your hair is the one thing that is most vulnerable to the elements. Here is how to keep your hair selfie-ready for any photo opportunity!

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Cold Rinse

Putting your hair through a cold rinse as the last act of your morning shower will encourage it to display a much brighter and longer lasting shine for the rest of the day. It will reflect the light better and feel a little more bouncy because the cold water will have closed up hair surface at the last minute.


Towel Wringing

When putting a towel through your hair, you should never rub it because this will encourage frizz and split ends in the drying process. Instead, you should wring your hair out using the towel, squeezing as much moisture out of it as you can before you start to brush and dry. It helps it to stay much smoother and more silky.


Muss It up

If your hair is too flat and too uniform, then your selfies can sometimes come out looking like you have a serious case of flatness or helmet hair. You can remedy this issue by mussing it up quickly with your fingers before taking a pic. It will give it instant volume and life, and the different dimensions will definitely be picked up by the camera.



If you don’t already, you really should invest in a good quality serum that you can have on hand to make sure that you don’t suffer from any stray flyaways and unwanted frizz. It will help you maintain a sleek and stylish look for selfies.


Dry Shampoo

Selfies can really expose a lack of volume and freshness in your hair, so an easy way to solve this is to always have a small can of dry shampoo on hand, it’s a simple way to eliminate grease and add life to your locks for pretty photos.

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