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How to Fake Your Way to the Thick Hair Look ...

By Diya

If your hair is on the thinner side, and you find that it looks limp and lifeless, keep reading to see the tricks of the trade when it comes to faking thick hair i.e having a mane that has volume, bounce, and shine.

1 The GIFT of OILS

Oils such as coconut and castor oil are so beneficial to the hair and can really add body and shine to hair that is otherwise damaged or dull. The use of castor oil especially promotes hair growth.

A recommended quick hair mask is to add 3 tsp of coconut oil to 3 tsp of castor oil. Mix it together and gently massage it into your scalp using circular motions with your fingertips. When doing this, focus a lot more on your scalp than the ends of the hair as this is where you need to target hair growth. Any leftover oil can be used on the ends. Keep the mask on for 45 minutes minimum ( the longer the better) and thoroughly wash your hair. For me, it takes around 2 cycles of shampoo to wash out all the oil from my hair (however this can vary).

Apply this hair mask at least once a week and you will notice visible results after a few uses.


For very fine hair, a really good tip is to revamp your hair by going for shorter hairstyles.

Growing your hair long isn’t really the best option when you’re trying to get voluminous hair as your long locks may drag your hair down and cause it to look limp. However, if long hair is what you desire, try and add some layers to give your hair a little boost.


If you want more of a shortcut on how to fake thick hair, extensions are really the way to go. Getting extensions that are perfectly matched to your hair colour can really trick anyone into believing you’ve got the mane of a lion.

However, if you are trying to promote hair growth, this might not really be the best decision as clip-ons tend to tug at your hairs which can pull them out, thinning your natural hair further. The best solution should be to limit your use of hair extensions and maybe bring them out on special occasions.


Your brush may really affect your hair. Try and get a brush that doesn’t rip out your hair (as painful as that sounds) and gently brush it through your locks. Try not to brush your hair when it’s wet as it can pull your hair more. The type of hairbrush I would recommend is a boar hair bristled hairbrush, which stimulates your scalp and reduces frizz.

Another technique that works well for me is to flip my hair and brush it upside down. I know it sounds crazy but I find that it gives my hair extra volume. Blow drying my hair like this also helps.


One tip I like to do when trying to make my hair look voluminous and thick is to tie it up in a bun using a scrunchie and only a scrunchie.

For some unknown reason after I take my hair down from my bun it always looks amazing so have a go and let me know if this works for you.

Don’t put the scrunchie in your hair for too long though, you don’t want to end up getting any kinks.


Honestly, instead of describing it to you it’s easier if I show you. Here are a few links on how to blow dry your hair and look like a bombshell babe.


In the end, it doesn’t matter if your hair looks thick or thin, be proud and own it.

Good luck 😉

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