How to Manage Your Bangs when It's Crazy Hot ...


How to Manage Your Bangs when It's Crazy Hot ...
How to Manage Your Bangs when It's Crazy Hot ...

If you are currently experiencing the kind of hot summer conditions that I am, then I am probably safe in assuming that your hair is not having the best time in the world! From humidity frizz to dryness to sweat-induced greasiness, summer can be a terrible time for ladies who like their hair to always look at its best! One particular hairstyle and feature that doesn’t tend to cope too well in the summer heat is bangs. They might get sweaty and droopy, they might get frizzy and lift up, or they might just wilt and turn into some sort of terrible side part. No matter what your specific problems are, here are some ways to manage your bangs when it’s crazy hot!

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Leave-in Conditioner

hair, human hair color, hairstyle, bangs, long hair, It might sound kind of weird if you’ve never had any experience with it, but leave in conditioner can be a great help for bangs in hot weather. Style them and comb the product through, and then just go about your day in the sun without having to worry about frizz and damage. You protect your skin with sunscreen, so why not do the same kind of thing for your bangs?


Pin Them

hair, eyebrow, human hair color, beauty, blond, If you’re sick and tired of the humidity or the summer breeze wreaking havoc on the direction of your bangs, then why not just pin them? Take the problematic sections and twist them into a pleasing style. Use a hairpin to secure them in place and you just won't have to worry anymore.


Dry Shampoo

human hair color, hairstyle, black hair, flower, long hair, To avoid your bangs becoming a sopping, sweaty mess, you can spray some dry shampoo on them before leaving the house. It won’t add the unnatural shine that hairspray gives, and it will also help to combat the moisture that will no doubt accumulate around your forehead and fringe area.


Dry shampoo can be a bangs-bearer's best friend in sweltering temperatures. Gently spray it onto your roots and give the bottle a little shake to ensure even distribution. Not only does it soak up excess oil, but it also volumizes limp strands, giving your bangs a fresh, clean look without the need for frequent washing. Remember, a light touch is key – overdoing it can leave behind a powdery residue, so use sparingly and brush through for a seamless blend. Embrace the heat without compromising on style!


Pull Them Back

hair, human hair color, fashion model, beauty, photo shoot, I know you can get quite attached to your bangs, but probably the easiest way to deal with them in the summer is to just pull them back! Your forehead will be grateful for the extra air that is received in the hot weather, and when the bangs are pulled back into a clipped ponytail or something of that nature, you can completely forget about them for the day!


Thin Them out

hair, human hair color, hairstyle, beauty, long hair, If your hair is especially thick, then the heat and moisture that encases the bangs in the summer can lead to uncomfortable sweating and even skin breakouts because of the steaminess. Go to your hairdresser and ask them to thin out your bangs for you. They will know how to do it and still make your hair look great. You will most definitely feel the benefit afterward!

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