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How to Repair Sun Damaged Hair ...

By Carly

There is a heatwave pretty much going across the entire northern hemisphere right now, so it’s pretty likely that more than a few of you reading this are going to be looking for ways to repair sun damaged hair in the near future! Hair is a strange thing when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun because we are really good at slathering on sunscreen for our skin, but nearly always leave our hair defenceless to the rays of the glaring sun. No worries though, there are definitely some things you can do to rectify the situation. Here are some suggestions for how to repair sun damaged hair!

1 Hydration

The first thing to do it hit your damaged hair with a hydration boost. Doing something like a conditioning mask will help to penetrate the locks that will have become dry and brittle, and you will find that your hair feels much more nourished and alive after the process is over.

2 Regime Rethink

You might need to rethink your hair washing regime, even though that is easier said than done. You don’t need to wash your hair every single day. You might think you’re keeping clean but that can actually serve to strip your locks of their moisture and vitality. Around two to three days per week is the perfect amount.


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3 Swap Your Salt Spray

Salt sprays are great for spritzing to achieve that sexy beach look, but when you get back from vacation you should switch that out for a while with a cuticle smoothing serum. This will help to replace lots of the dryness that the salt spray removed from your hair, giving it a better chance of being restored to its former health.

4 Colour Correction

Summer often means spending lots of time in swimming pools, and the chlorine content of the water plus the hot sun can lead to discoloration of your hair, both natural and dyed. Mix a little colour into a hair mask and leave it in for around ten minutes to rectify these little colour issues, plus it gives you hair a lot of much-needed rehydration.

5 Split End Sealer

Split ends can be an issue all year round but they are particularly pesky in the summer sun. Invest in a slightly pricey split end therapy product and you won’t be sorry. You use it on your wet hair as you are about to blow dry it, and then again if you are someone who straightens your hair.

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