Simple Ways to Get Thicker Hair for Girls Who Crave Volume ...


Simple Ways to Get Thicker Hair for Girls Who Crave Volume ...
Simple Ways to Get Thicker Hair for Girls Who Crave Volume ...

Are you looking for ways to get thicker hair? It seems to be the way of the beauty world that whichever hairstyle you happen to have, you always think that another is more beautiful or more trendy. Girls with straight hair are always looking for ways to make it curly, girls with curly hair and constantly trying to make it straight, and don’t even get me started on the ways that we crave each other’s hair color! One thing, however, that no woman wants when it comes to this area of health and beauty, is thin hair. Having thin, lifeless hair can affect your confidence and limit your choices of style so use these ways to get thicker hair.

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Wash Smarter

You really need to pay attention to what kind of shampoo and conditioner you are using. You want to steer clear of products that contain sulfates because they will leave your scalp and hair really dry. The less dry your scalp is, the more chance you will have to get your locks looking fuller and thicker. Taking a look at your shampoo and conditioner is one of the best ways to get thicker hair.


Thickening Products

There are plenty of products out there that are specifically designed to give your hair a richer and thicker look and texture. If you have fine hair, a spray or two of dry shampoo will not only help to keep it grease-free, but it will also add a boost of volume to your locks that will last an entire day.



One particular hairstyle that is perfect for adding instant volume to your thin hair is waving. Use a curling tong to wave up the hair that you have, and the dimensions of the style will have an immediate impact on how thick and full your locks look. Make sure to give a good spray of heat protection before you start, though!


Deep Cleanse

You should be giving your scalp a deep cleanse at least once a week. Thickening products are great but they also tend to leave behind a build up of oils and debris around your scalp, so a once weekly clarifying shampoo treatment will help to keep your hair as clean and healthy as possible.


Switch Parting

One of the simplest and instantly effective ways to give your hair more volume is to change the location of your part. Switching from a center part to a side part produces an immediate height in your hair, and the swept over nature of the style gives it larger volume overall.


Tape-in Hair Extensions

There is no shame in adding a little bit of artificiality if it is going to do the trick! There are so many great quality hair extensions available now that it would be silly not to give them a try. The best thing about tape-ins is that they are flexible and can be placed exactly where you need some extra oomph! You can consult a professional stylist to see what kind of thickness you need to keep things looking natural.

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