7 Totally Perfect Ways to Keep Rainbow Hair Vibrant ...


7 Totally Perfect Ways to Keep Rainbow Hair Vibrant ...
7 Totally Perfect Ways to Keep Rainbow Hair Vibrant ...

Do you need some ways to keep your rainbow hair vibrant?

In my late twenties, I thought it would be a fun idea to experiment with hair color. My wedding date was also coming up so I decided to introduce my head to a whole other colorful world besides black with a new shade of rose gold. This was my wedding accent color and apparently, as my hairdresser said, the “gateway” color to giving wacky and crazy colors a try. She was completely right and now I’ve gone through at least four or five hair color changes in the past two years, including prancing around Paris in electric purple hair.

I’d like to say my hair is still relatively healthy for going from a stark black to a soft lilac shade (as in, it’s not falling out in droves and retaining some form of luster) so I would love to share my tips. Read on if you need these tips or reaffirmation of what you’ve read anywhere else to maintain your rainbow hair health. Here are the best ways to keep your rainbow hair vibrant.

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Wash Your Hair Every Three or Four Days

Not washing your dyed hair means the color will stay vibrant longer and will allow you to style it bigger as the days pass and oil builds up. Your hair gains more texture and grip so you can create cute moon buns or other gravity-defying hairstyles. Plus, you save money on product and when it comes time to wash it all out, you appreciate that fresh, “clean” feeling more. Proper washing is one of the easiest ways to keep your rainbow hair vibrant.

If you’re just tiptoeing into the color arena and oily and/or greasy hair freaks you out, try incrementally increasing the days you don’t wash your scalp. Or at least wash every other day.


Air Dry Your Head of Hair Whenever Possible

When you’re in a hurry, it’s tempting to grab the hair dryer and blow all the liquid from your hair. This ends up drying your hair out and causes knotting, especially if your hair has gone through a few rounds of bleaching, toning, dying, etc.

I avoid using heat on my hair by bathing and then doing another activity to occupy my time, such as cooking, to allow my hair to dry in a towel or naturally by the air. It retains moisture a lot longer.


Use Violet Shampoo and Conditioner Whenever You Give Your Head a Rinse

Purple is the opposite of yellow on the color spectrum so when you apply it to your hair in the form of a shampoo color, it effectively hides the murky yellow and orange tones.

I would recommend replacing your regular shampoo and conditioner with the violet variety to save having to use another product besides your regular shampoo and conditioner to combat the fade.


Bring the Moisture Back with an Intense Hydration Mask

Especially in the winter or when you travel, your locks can become straw-like, tangled, and bushy. Even if it means taking more time after a shower, apply a hydration mask to your hair to make it soft, sleek, and full of life again. It’s a good idea to try out different brands to see what works best for your hair. I highly encourage you to buy the smaller, sample tubes of masks at Sephora to test a variety of products to find your gold.


Use a Squeezable Bottle for Your Shampoo and Conditioner when Travelling on an Airplane

It can be a gamble to depend on hotels to stock color-friendly shampoo and conditioner so it’s a good idea to bring your own when you’re on vacation. Because violet shampoo and conditioner have dye, I recommend buying travel sized squeeze bottles instead of the stiff bottles.

When the air pressure changes as you lift up into the clouds, it can cause liquids or creams to explode out of containers that do not expand. Containers that you can easily squish under your hands will be flexible with the air pressure.


Use a Color Depositing Conditioner to Freshen up the Shade

Not only will the conditioner soften and de-tangle your hair, it will add back at least a smidge of that vivid color. Personally, I love Overtone and their vast array of colors to choose from, including treatments that you can use daily to add a bit more color or deep treatments you can use to dye your hair.

This will save you time and money in between salon visits as you weave this into your regular, hair-washing routine.


If You Apply Heat to Style, Spray on Some Heat Protectant before Curling

Of course, to fully glam up for special events, you will need to manipulate your hair in some way or form. Before you use your curling or hair straightener, spray your head with heat-protectant spray to avoid damaging and parching the vibrantly colored strands. My recommendation is to spray each handful of hair individually before you use a tool on them, as the product also acts as a shaping agent to lock the shape in place.

Your hair is one of your greatest assets and these tips will help ensure they stay happy and healthy whatever you do. And when your hair looks great, you feel great too. What are your tips or tricks to keep your rainbow hair a rainbow?

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