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Are You Really Ready for Rainbow Hair?

By Eliza

You’ve no doubt seen that fabulous rainbow hair on Pinterest, right? Whether you’re coveting the braided look or the simple flowing style, there are some things to consider before you get your hair done up like a rainbow. You might find out that you’re definitely ready to rock it, but you might also come to the realization that you really aren’t. Here’s what to think about before you head to the salon.

1 Is It Practical for Your Life Situation?

Is It Practical for Your Life Situation?No matter how much you want rainbow hair, it’s important to think about how it will work for your life. Will it be frowned on at work? It’s probably not a good idea to get it done right now. Are you a new mom short on time? You might not be able to keep the color up. Think about how you can make it work and if you can’t, this might not be the right time to get rainbow hair.

2 You Might Have to Be Bleached First

You Might Have to Be Bleached FirstIf you have darker hair, your stylist may have to bleach it first so the rainbow color shows up. This carries certain risks. Some women say it really burns their scalp and others say that it irritates their eyes or makes it hard to breathe. At the same time, bleach can really damage your hair so rainbow hair might not look that good if you have thin or damaged hair that will really shows that damage.

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3 Decide What Shade or Shades You Want First

Decide What Shade or Shades You Want FirstSome women go for the whole spectrum and get a literal rainbow, but others choose just one or two shades. Make sure you know exactly what color you want so that you don’t end up with royal purple when you wanted lilac. Tell your stylist exactly what you want and make sure she has it right before you she starts applying the color.

4 Be Ready for Some Color Changes

Be Ready for Some Color ChangesThe color of your rainbow hair will be quite vivid and bright at the beginning, but expect that color to fade as you wash your hair. In fact, some experts say that you’ll notice a definite lightening in as little as 10 washes. You can help your hair hold on to the color by keeping it hydrated and so the color stays the way you want is as long as possible. Color will hold on longer if you have your hair dyed professionally than if you do it yourself at home.

5 Your Makeup and Clothes May Look Different Now

Your Makeup and Clothes May Look Different NowNow that you have a bright color or colors on top, your current makeup and clothing choices may not go with the new ‘do. If your rainbow hair is lighter than your natural color, you may need to darken your makeup. Experiment to find out what looks best with your new hair color.

6 Be Ready for Compliments and Opinions

Be Ready for Compliments and OpinionsWhen you have a crazy bunch of colors in your hair, expect to get second looks. Sometimes people will love the change and some people won’t. If you can’t stand criticism or hate when people don’t like your look, you may want to reconsider getting rainbow hair.

7 You Might Need Different Products

You Might Need Different ProductsNow that your hair has been bleached and colored, you will probably need products that are different than what you’re currently using. As I said before, you need stuff to moisturize your hair, but you might also need products that are designed for colored hair to help preserve the rainbow. Talk to your stylist about what makes the most sense for your hair.

Ever considered rainbow hair? What’s stopping you? Or have you already gone for it?

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