How to Get the Hair of Your Dreams While Sleeping ...


How to Get the Hair of Your Dreams While Sleeping ...
How to Get the Hair of Your Dreams While Sleeping ...

Want to know how to get the hair of your dreams while you sleep? Ladies, we have all been there. You decide to be proactive and time-saving and get all of your showering and pampering done the night before work/school instead of having to hurry in the morning, only to be rewarded with a horrendous head of hair thanks to sleeping in awkward positions and other various reasons! It doesn’t seem fair that we all get punished with bad hair days for trying to make our early mornings as stress-free as possible, so to help you out, I’m going to let you in a few things that you can do to try and stop this annoying occurrence from happening. Here is my list of tips for how to get the hair of your dreams while you sleep.

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This is a great way to protect your curls overnight. To pineapple means to loosely tie your curls into a big ponytail right on the crown of your head, either with a headband or a scrunchie. By doing this, when you lay down you are protecting the curls from being squashed into the back of your head. Having the ponytail lifted at the roots means that your curls will maintain their volume. This is one of the best tips for how to get the hair of your dreams while you sleep.


Satin Bonnet

If split ends occurring at night are your problem, then you need to wear a satin bonnet to bed. It might not be the sexiest look in the world, but the delicate nature of the fabric will help to keep your hair from breaking, and what you sacrifice in sexiness whilst sleeping you most certainly make up for in sexiness with beautiful hair during the day!


Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase is another nifty trick for controlling the awful bed head that you get on waking up in the morning. The smooth, luxurious nature of the satin pillow will reduce the friction between your hair and your bed to a huge degree, and it also helps your hair to maintain hydration as you are tossing and turning through the night.


Satin Pillowcase

Following on from this, you can always switch out your satin bonnet for a satin pillowcase instead, which will allow you to sleep with your hair loose whilst still preventing frizzy strands from occurring.


French Braid

One of the best things you can do to avoid bed head is to put it in a big, tight style beforehand like a fat French braid. Your hair will have no room to mess around in the confines of a French braid, and compacting it together like that will help it to retain some of its moisture and hydration.


Two Strand Twist

This is something that works for women who want to protect but preserve their naturally curly hair. Simply take two sections and twist them around each other from the roots, ensuring a nice tight pattern that will both help to seal the products in and prevent stray strands from frizzing out.

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