15 Coolest Hassle-Free Hairstyles for Moms ...


15 Coolest Hassle-Free Hairstyles for Moms ...
15 Coolest Hassle-Free Hairstyles for Moms ...

Hassle-free hairstyles become especially important once you become a full time mom who, of course, needs to look great despite the lack of sleep and the growing list of things to do. Now, I know you love your baby to death and that you’d gladly give it all up if need be just to make sure your angel receives the best of care but the good news is that you don’t really have to, as being a caring mother and a beautiful woman aren’t mutually exclusive! All you need is a few ideas on easy-to-do, cool hairstyles for moms and maybe a few tips on how to update your cut so it becomes easier to style! You'll find out exactly what to do with your hair by the time you’re finished reading all the interesting styles for new moms on this list:

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Sexy Pixie

Sexy Pixie Crazy amount of shedding followed by lots and lots of uncontrollable baby hair may totally ruin your post pregnancy mood and confidence! It happens quite often, though, you’re not the only one destined to go through it and it won’t last forever which means the only thing you can do at the moment is come up with a way to deal with it. Pixie cut, for example, may seem too short to allow any creative moves but ask any pixie fan and you’ll realize just cool and versatile this cut really is! Part your hair to the side and hairspray to get it to look feminine and work-appropriate or dig into your styling pomade and have fun experimenting with faux hawks and many other bed head looks. Oh, and don’t forget that ultra glamorous Emma Watson sleeked back look!

Be Aware: As cool and sexy as it is, pixie might prove to be a way too radical change in case you and your long tresses go way back! Hit the next button and really and thoroughly go through this list of cool hairstyles for moms before you decide to go for it. Who knows, you might change your mind and find a better style down below!



Bun Low or high, buns are a perfect hassle-free hairstyle for moms who are not particularly interested in having their precious tresses cut. In case your hair is shedding quite a bit and is not thick and voluminous as it used to be, simply use a sock bun trick to get a neat, voluminous-looking bun in a heartbeat!

Be Aware: As simple and easy to do as they are, even buns require a minimal dose of skills, so don’t give up in case you don’t get them right on the first try. Tease your roots or use a root booster to get more volume when opting for low bun or chignon styles or opt for non-sticky styling pomade or hairspray in case baby hair is making it hard for you to obtain a long lasting, sleek style. Need an easy, 2 step method you can pull off on the go? Throw a small makeup bag containing a travel-sized can of hairspray, couple of fancy bobby pins and a Hairagami into your purse and you’re ready to go!



Twists Twists are also a great, classy idea to get you through the day even if you haven’t had the time to wash your hair, and the best thing about them is that you don’t have to have long hair to enjoy this style!

Be Aware: Twists are sometimes more complicated than they seem. When the kids are down for their nap and you know you aren't going anywhere soon, practice your twists. This will improve your hairstyling skills and speed so that the next time you go out you will look fabulous in seconds!



Braids Still looking for a trendy way to style your tresses? Why not take your pick amongst many of those amazing braided styles? Opt for a milkmaid braid in case you have a frisky child that loves pulling your hair, braid your bangs only in case you’re looking for a cool style that lasts more than a day, part your hair at center braiding or twisting only one small section at each side to get your own Game of Thrones inspired style or freshen up your bun by braiding your ponytail before coiling it into a bun!

Be Aware: Braided hairstyles and braided techniques differ significantly which might confuse you at first but also means you’ll have no problem finding a cool new option even if you’re extremely busy and unable to commit to any complicated styling techniques.



Wavy A wavy hairstyle is carefree and hassle-free on your part, but looks chic and stylish to those around you! To achieve this look if you have naturally straight hair, braid your hair at night when it's slightly damp. In the morning, when you take out your braids you'll look fabulous!

Be Aware: This look can come off as too carefree, and look like bed head if you don't do it right! Whenever you wear your hair wavy, make sure it isn't too frizzy. Also, try to balance out your look; do your makeup or wear a nice outfit, but leave your hair casual on wavy hair days.


Sleek Bob

Sleek Bob Asymmetrical layered bob is one of the best, classiest styles for new moms out there and will prove to be a lifesaver for you in case you have pin-straight hair. Ask your stylist to cut a few extra layers in the back, develop the habit of using a root booster after each wash and voila – you’ll always have a red carpet ready, perfectly voluminous style! You can update it (and get that hair out of your face in summer) by neatly braiding your bangs into a headband, scrunch it for a casual look or curl it in case the situation calls for a dramatic yet glamorous change of style! It’s actually pretty versatile, easy to style and, most importantly, short enough not to tempt your baby to pull on your hair yet long enough for you to experiment with!

Be Aware: Magazines are insisting on this being one of those super cool hassle-free hairstyles for all moms to consider but, trust me, in case your hair isn’t bone straight it might prove to be way to high maintenance for your taste.


A-line Bob

A-line Bob An A-line bob is the ideal cut for any mom! It's short enough that you can wash and condition it in a few short minutes and that you can style it in record time. Yet it's also long enough to remain versatile and fun to style and stay. And even better, the gradual shortening toward the back adds interest to the cut!

Be Aware: Like any haircut, this one takes a lot of courage! If you currently have long hair, think for a while about making this transition. Maybe take a few inches off first and see how you feel, then inch up shorter and shorter.



Layered Even Hollywood ladies who, as we know, have a team of professionals at their disposal (and don’t even have to worry about the costs of such luxe services) have decided to chop a few extra layers during their post pregnancy days! See? No reason to give up your long or longish tresses after all, as this simple style for new moms isn’t as nearly as dramatic nor will it require any new styling habits! Layers will give your straight hair more texture and volume helping you look great even if your hairstyle for the day is nothing fancier than a ponytail! Say yes to layers even if your hair is wavy or curly as this will take some of its weight down, allowing you to dry it faster and style it easier!

Be Aware: Curly or wavy hair won’t look nice and will be extremely difficult to style in case layers are not done properly which is why you should visit a pro experienced in cutting your type of hair.


Natural Curls

Natural Curls If you're naturally a curly girl, let out your inner lioness! Your kids will certainly love playing with your bouncy curls, and you'll have an extremely low-maintenance style. As long as you're comfortable with having your hair a little more on the wild side, let your hair go free!

Be Aware: As a curly girl, I know the dangers of going all natural! Every day, your curls will behave in a slightly different manner, so be prepared to have a different hair out of place every day. As long as you own it though, you'll look amazing!


Headband Hairstyles

Headband Hairstyles Ideal for covering up the fact that you’re too busy or too exhausted to get your roots touched up, a headband or will help you look great and feel great in times when your hair doesn’t look all that perfect! Place a wide headband above your forehead and onto your hairline in case your roots are showing or are looking a bit oily, tease your bangs then use a band to pull them back thus hide the fact that they are way past overgrown, or simply use this interesting chic detail to help you liven up a ponytail or a classic low bun.

Be Aware: As unquestionably glam as they are, silk scarves can prove to be quite slippery and difficult to keep on which is something you definitely don’t want when you have a baby to keep you busy. Have a few bobby pins stashed in your purse in case your scarf turned headband hairstyle requires a quick on the go adjustment and enjoy because this is a great style for new moms and I’m sure all the compliments you’ll receive for it will prove so!



Foulard Like headbands, foulards are a great tool for covering up oily hair or grown out roots. However, they also add a vintage flare to your ensemble! If you're growing tired of your new go-to hairstyle or haircut, a great way to mix things up is by wearing a chic foulard on your head!

Be Aware: Tying foulards correctly can get a little bit tricky. Make sure you practice a few times before you go out. Then, once you get it just right, keep the foulard in place with some bobby pins!



Ponytail Well, we all know a post on easy styles just has to include the most hassle-free of all hassle-free hairstyles, his majesty – a ponytail! Opt for it whenever you’re completely out of ideas and worry not as this simple, well-loved style can be updated in many ways and turned into a classy bun in virtually no time! Be sure to check out a post on various creative ways to liven up your standard pony and have fun rocking this simple yet cool look!

Be Aware: Ponytail that hangs limp or is sloppily made is never a good way to style your hair! Tease the base of your pony to give it volume or braid/twist it in case it’s too long and heavy to bounce. Hairspray or styling pomade will help you tame baby hair and achieve a perfectly smooth style but do experiment with poufs and headbands too as they are a perfect for giving your pony some sass!



Half-up A classic look is the half-up style. This look is really easy to achieve, yet looks classy and fancy! The best part is all it takes is a few bobby pins to complete this look! It's a fool-proof style you're bound to love!

Be Aware: This hairstyle may slip out and then look sloppy! Make sure you use quality, new bobby pins (not stretched out ones) to secure your style completely.


Twisted Bangs

Twisted Bangs Twisting your bangs is a great method for getting the hair out of your face on a rushed morning. This technique works on both wet and dry hair, which makes it the ideal hassle-free hairstyle for any mom!

Be Aware: Depending on how thick and long your hair is, you might need many bobby pins to tame your hair into a few twists. Make sure you have plenty of clips to complete this darling look!


Loose Braid

Loose Braid A single loose braid is a style you can perfect within one minute of your morning routine! It can look a little messy on purpose and still look amazing! All you need in order to achieve this flawless look is a pony tail holder and maybe a few bobby pins to keep fly aways in place.

Be Aware: The only warning I can think of with this style is that it might remind your little girl of Elsa, and she'll beg you to braid her hair just the same way!

Mom often told me motherhood will make me embrace hassle-free hairstyles and finally learn how to look great on the go. Well, mom, I’m not a mom yet but you sure were right—once life stops revolving around school and fun only, you simply have to learn to manage your time better! What about you ladies? Has motherhood significantly changed your life and habits and which styles for new moms have helped you look great despite the growing list of things to do?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Sabrina Yates.

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7 Coolest, Hassle-Free Hairstyles for Moms ... I'm all about bobby pins and buns. Moms how do u style your hair? (via Twitter)

I would love to see pics

As a mother, I have no time for any of these tips altho they sound good in theory. It's dry shampoo and a scrunchie thrown up into a messy knot almost every day over here.

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