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Finding the ideal hairstyles for the office is horrible! Every morning I go through the exact same routine – flipping through the latest magazine to find the right hairstyles for the office that is quick and easy! So all you office girls, do you have the same problem? Well not anymore! I have the top 8 hairstyles for the office that will make the decision of what to do with your hair in the morning super easy!

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Sock Bun

Sock Bun I absolutely love sock buns. They are super cute, totally easy to pull off and can work really well for the office! Don't worry ladies, if you don't know exactly what a sock bun is, it's super easy to do! All you need is a sock rolled into a donut, a pony tail and some patience. Trust me ladies, this hairstyle for the office is super stylish!


Classic Pony

Classic Pony If you have longer hair that you are looking to style for the office, a classic ponytail is a great way to keep your hair neat and clean, but still have it stylish and fashionable! For me, I like low ponytails that are side-swept so they hang over one shoulder. What's your favorite type of ponytail?


Loose Braid

Loose Braid This is another hairstyle for the office that is for the long-haired girls! A loose braid can also be a great hairstyle for the office and is super easy to do in the morning! Who knows, if you keep your hair wet, you can actually braid it in the morning and have fun, kinky waves by the afternoon. Two hairstyles in one!


Bob Cut

Bob Cut Now girls, if you are looking for a shorter style, the bob cut is another great hairstyle for the office that so many people can pull off! For me, I actually have the angled bob, where it is shorter in the back and longer in the front. It looks great and it is super easy to maintain!


Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut If you girls are looking for an absolutely no-fuss hairstyle for the office, the pixie cut is the best! It's super low-maintenance and can actually be worn curly or can be worn straight! I wouldn't be able to go Rosemary's Baby short, but for some girls, it's a great look! If you are brave, give it a try!


Loose Curls & Waves

Loose Curls & Waves Now this hairstyle for the office can be for the girl with short or long hair! Loose curls or even loose waves (from that braid I mentioned before!) is a great look for the office! You can actually pin up the curls or leave them loose and long. It all depends on exactly what look you are going for!



Chignon Do you know what a chignon is? Most people don't, but basically a knot or even a coil of hair and is super chic, super fresh and looks so professional. Now this one is a little harder to master, but if you look up some tutorials, I'm sure that you'll be able to master it in no time at all!


No Teasing

No Teasing Finally girls, when it comes to hairstyles for the office, you don't want to tease too much or have too much volume. After all, you want your hair to look professional, not like something that would show up on the Jerseylicious show. So girls, put away your teasing combs for the most part when you want hairstyles for the office!

There you have it ladies, my top 8 hairstyles for the office that will look professional and beautiful! So, what are some of your favorite hairstyles for the office? What do you do with your hair everyday?

Top Image Source: renderingsilence.blogspot.in

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8 Understated & Fashionable Hairstyles for The Office ... Now I know what to do! (via Twitter)

Love this... wish my hair would allow me to do that :/

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