7 Easy Hairstyles You Can do on the Go ...


7 Easy Hairstyles You Can do on the Go ...
7 Easy Hairstyles You Can do on the Go ...

Easy hairstyles on the go don’t have to (and shouldn’t) revolve around classic and low buns or classic and low ponytails! I know they are super-simple and pretty much the definition of hassle-free hairstyling, but why settle for less and risk getting stuck in a rut, when you can experiment with positively jaw-dropping styles that don’t require more time to be made? Yup, I think we’ll all agree that an easy on the go hairstyle is a must have and since I know you gals love to look chic when being busy, here’s a few video tutorials you’ll adore:

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Easy on the Go Hairstyle for Natural Hair

First of all, let me just point of how much I love videos that look this real! You do it, undo it, redo it until it’s perfect…that’s the way it usually happens for me. And with that said, I urge you to take a look at this tutorial and see how to style your protective style and get it to look super cute. Let’s say you’ve slept in, decided you have absolutely no time to spend styling hair and literally jumped out of the house sporting a neat yet not very oh-my-gosh-worthy bun. Fear not, you can fix it anytime during the day and two to three hairclips and a cool accessory are all that’s needed!


Braided up do

Add this to your list of easy hairstyles on the go, lovelies, and you’ll always have a fantastic hairstyle ready to be pulled out and presented to the world! You will need a hair band, a few bobby pins, teasing comb and hairspray which probably won’t be easy to whip up out of thin air but hey, we’ve talked about the all-important first aid hair kits before! I expect you have one of those sitting in your office desk drawer by now, as well as a small makeup pouch filled with mini versions of all the products and tools you may need.


Super Hassle-Free Hairstyle

Okay, well in case you still haven’t gotten around to make your own first aid kit and have nothing but bobby pins to help you transform your hair into something that looks like it took effort, this style would be just perfect! I love the classy, vintage feel of it and would definitely choose the 2 step option to keep it as neater as possible. What about you? Messy or neat- which way would you go?


Braided Bun Hairstyle

Okay, well that’s it – I’m trying this one right now! I have nowhere to go and nobody but my books to see but nevertheless, I’m doing it. It’s super easy to do, doesn’t even require a full braid and can be done like under 10 minutes… Under five if you’re super fast, super skilled or both! What I especially love about this style is the fact that it can be worn for work yet isn’t a classic work hairstyle you’ll just see on everyone. In fact, I can bet your colleagues won’t believe that you’ve sacrificed only a few minutes of your lunch break to make it! Easy hairstyles on the go rock – don’t they?


Three Basic Super Easy on the Go Hairstyles

It would be a shame to leave the good old rainy day styles out completely, now, wouldn’t it? After all, I’m sure there are girls out there who have had their first taste of hassle-free hairstyling just recently and would definitely appreciate a step by step instruction on these basic, totally easy styles. Isn’t it cool that you can look this fabulous even if your hair is not clean? Yup, gotta love a stylish quickie!


Mini Twist Voluminous Bun

Speaking about quickies, here’s a tutorial for a totally hot hairstyle the maker herself refers to as, “a quickie but goodie”. Now, that’s certainly one way to describe it! I absolutely love it, love the way mini twists give it texture and make it look like a well thought out, time consuming up do and especially love the fact that you can accessorize it anyhow you want! Add it to your collection of easy hairstyles on the go styling just wouldn’t feel the same without and enjoy the look!


Old Hollywood Glam Protective Yet Hassle- Free Hairstyle

Oh. My. Gosh. I was totally like, “You don’t even need a hairstyle, love! With THOSE eyes and THOSE lips… you could have a shih-tzu glued to your head and nobody would even notice it!” Absolutely gorgeous features! I’ve sat through the video, though, and fell in love with the style as well which is why I simply had to show it to you, despite the fact that it does involve some work. But, hey, let’s look on the bright side – it’s a protective style! So, yes, it may take more than 10 minutes of your time but that’s only because you’ll apply all those wonderful moisturizing products to keep your hair healthy.

Can you think of a few girl-friends in need of some really easy hairstyles on the go? You should definitely pass this along in case you do. Sharing is caring! Isn’t hassle-free hairstyling great, by the way? I can’t wait to hear which of these are your favorites!

Top Image Source: seaofshoes.typepad.com

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7 Easy Hairstyles You Can Do on The Go ...braided up do awesome!!! Great tutorials <3 (via Twitter)

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