7 Daring Hair Color Ideas ...


7 Daring Hair Color Ideas ...
7 Daring Hair Color Ideas ...

Daring Hair Color Ideas may seem scary, but they don’t have to be! You can have a bold, daring color without dyeing your hair bright Crayola colors. You can change up your hair just by going a more dramatic shade of your normal hair color. These bold hair color ideas will take your hair color up a notch!

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Copper This daring hair color idea is a great alternative to natural red hair. A rich, rusty copper hair color will add dimension and drama to your look. This color brings out blue eyes and looks great on people with pale skin. It's also a great complement for fall and winter fashions.


Dark Red

Dark Red Many women love red hair, but don’t want something as dramatic as a bright red hair color. This gorgeous dark red will give you a sultry, daring look without dyeing your hair a shocking color. This subtle, yet daring dark red is a great way to amp up your hair color.


Blue Black

Blue Black This black that’s so black it appears blue is a head-turning daring hair color idea. Shiny, blue-black hair is gorgeous! This alternative to classic black hair color will give your hair color the subtle change it’s been needing. It is a drastic change, so just make sure you're ready!


Bright Blonde

Bright Blonde Brighten your blonde with some light blonde highlights for a daring hair makeover! This is one of the easiest daring hair color ideas to achieve and it's a great way to awaken your blonde locks. Lighten your existing blonde with highlights for a bright and daring look.


Icy Platinum

Icy Platinum Draw attention to yourself by coloring your hair an icy platinum blonde! This daring hair color idea makes a statement without going too far outside the box. Platinum hair is great for those who want to pump up their already blonde hair color! If you naturally have dark hair, this look could be damaging to your hair so make sure you go to a professional.


Deep Purple

Deep Purple This deep purple hair color is a great shade to enhance brunette or black hair. This daring hair color idea will liven up your existing shade without changing it too drastically. Deep purple enhances your complexion as well making it a fantastic shade for both your hair and skin! It also looks fantastic with blue, green, hazel, or brown eyes!



Orange This daring hair color idea may sound scary, but it’s actually quite beautiful when done properly! Start with a blonde base and add an orangey shade to get the ideal orange hair color. Leave some blonde highlights to enhance the look and add dimension to this gorgeous hair color!

These daring hair color ideas will shake up your routine and give you a much needed hair makeover! Amp up your look with these gorgeous and daring hair colors without causing your friends and family to think you’re having a mid-life crisis! Do you have a daring hair color idea? Better yet, let me know the boldest color you've ever tried.

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should try deep purple :) it's can be fun

Had my hair dark red and I recently dyed it copper. It's such a lovely color especially when the sun hits it :)

should I try like the deep red or purple? I have Black hair and Tan skin. I think the colors would be a nice change, though

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