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How to wear hair jewelry is a question you need to be asking right now! Not only because wearing hair jewelry seems to be the trend but also because these gorgeous accessories looks amazing and allow you to glam up your hairstyle quickly, easily and without complicated tools and new hair products. Can you image a hairstyle that makes itself? Well, this is the next best thing and the following tutorials will teach you everything you need to know about how to wear hair jewelry.

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Tons of Ways to Wear Hair Jewelry

What a fantastic video! I mean really, if this doesn’t help you get an idea on how to wear hair jewelry, nothing will! You’ve got that straight, sleek look, a sort of a romantic, even a bit princess-y curled look, half up do and a full up do – what more could a girl ask for! A round of applause for the maker of this tutorial, please! She really deserves it!


Combs, Pins and Everything in-between

Short, sweet and totally helpful – this next hair jewelry wearing tutorial won’t take up more than a minute of your time, yet will give you tons of ideas on how to update all of those good ole hairstyles you wear on a daily basis! Slip a comb or a few gorgeous pins into that sleek bun or chignon you wear for work and it will transform into a breathtaking evening hairstyle, or wear your hair jewelry instead of a headband for a perfectly romantic, princess-y look!


Chic up Dos with Hair Jewelry

Oh la la! What a gorgeous collection of ideas to prove that wearing hair jewelry can be the easiest way to look absolutely chic! Try Le Twist if you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands, opt for Le Tea Party or Le Headband whenever you need to look super chic on the go, wear Le Ponytail for a first date or choose Le Cascade whenever the situation requires full glam! Le fantastic!


Pro Tips for Wearing Hair Jewelry

Aren’t hair jewelry wearing tutorials fun? Well, how about we take them to a different level? Check out this short, sweet and extremely informative video brought to us by Marie Claire and celebrity stylist Mark Townsend to get more ideas on how to turn a relatively simple, easy to do hairstyle into red carpet ready ‘do!


Amazing Way to Wear a Jeweled Headband

Posted as a fantastic idea for a homecoming hairstyle, this second, amazing ‘do definitely isn’t off topic in this particular case either! Check it out, ladies, and give those sparkly headbands a run for their money! I’m definitely going to give it a try this weekend and I even have a perfect headband in mind! Yay!



Va va voom back to you, girl, and thanks for this sweet tutorial! Don’t you agree ladies? I mean she does make a pretty good point – a hair chain is the best way to look glam in under a minute! So let’s say you’re going out and have this really gorgeous outfit all figured out but have no time to do any extensive hair styling. Well, all you have to do is part your hair in the middle and slip this gorgeous chain on! How simple is that?


Chains and Bling

And, on the topic of hair chains, here’s a little show and tell that might inspire you to do some DIY-ing of your own! Or shopping, if you don’t consider yourself being a prospective crafter! I absolutely love the first, chunky gold one and even believe I have just the perfect sizes of chains to create a similar piece! So if you run into me somewhere and I’m looking like the protagonist of One Thousand and One Nights, do feel free to say hi.

Hope you’ve enjoyed watching these hair jewelry wearing tutorials, ladies! Tell me, what are your thoughts on wearing hair jewelry? Is this much bling just perfect or a bit too much for everyday wear?

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