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8 Simply Stunning Short Hairstyles ...

By Alison

Are you considering trying out short hairstyles? There are some stunning short cuts around, so there's no need to worry that your hair will look boring if you go for the chop. Keeping your hair short is really practical, if you do a job where long hair would get in the way. Plus it can look amazing! Here are some of the cutest short hairstyles around …

1 The Pageboy Bob

The Pageboy BobOne of the most popular short hairstyles is the bob, which never goes out of fashion. Sometimes, even fans of the bob want to try a variation on the theme. Lena Headey's choppy bob is super-modern and easy to manage. So if you want to bring your bob up to date, why not try this cut?

2 Side Bangs

Side BangsIf you've got a cute face like Jenna Elfman, you can pull off a really short cut like this. The long side bangs give the cut a feminine twist, and stop it appearing too boyish. If you prefer something a little longer, your stylist could easily adapt the cut to jaw-length layers.

3 Tousled Bob

Tousled BobIf you're blessed with natural curls, then you could try this cute tousled bob. Those girls with straight hair can easily get the same look by using tongs to create loose curls. The side-swept look of this cut really shows off pretty eyes, so if those are your best feature, it's a really flattering style for you.

4 Quiff

QuiffThose girls with strong features can wear a mannish hairstyle like this one. The swept up quiff gives it a masculine look, while the slightly longer length adds a feminine touch. This cut would look fantastic with a pants suit, or with a simple tailored dress.

5 Face-Framing

Face-FramingDoesn't this style look gorgeous on Jennie Garth? Bringing a few strands forward is a great way of framing the face without swamping it. Too much hair can overwhelm the face and make you look like Cousin Itt! So if you like to show your face, but not have too much hair getting in the way, this is a lovely style.

6 Asymmetric

AsymmetricIf your idea of a short cut is really short, then this could be the style for you. Very short cuts do need frequent visits to the salon to keep them in shape, so be prepared for a lot of maintenance. However, the cut is so easy to style - just fluff up with a little wax! So it's ideal if you want a fuss-free short cut.

7 Textured Bob

Textured BobShort hairstyles need not be boring and flat. As seen on Dianna Agron, the bob can be adapted to give it lots of texture and fullness. This cut would be easy to style, just use a little product and fluff it up with your fingers. The long, choppy bangs are more flattering than heavy, even bangs would be.

8 Crop

CropIt takes a confident person to be able to carry off a really short crop like Rihanna's. These styles look fabulous on women of color though, who often have fantastic bone structure. Before going this short, it's wise to try a wig on or use a virtual style program, to see how it suits you. You wouldn't want to regret it when it's too late!

Short hairstyles don't have to be really short, and there is a much wider variety of cuts than you might think. The beauty of shorter cuts is that they are practical and often more flattering than longer hair. Besides, everyone seems to have long hair these days! So opting for a shorter cut can make you stand out. Have you ever regretted cutting your hair and had to wait for it to grow out, or do you love your shorter cut?

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