10 Best Sideburns to Date ...


10 Best Sideburns to Date ...
10 Best Sideburns to Date ...

With so many great sideburns it is hard to decide which are the best sideburns to date. I don’t know about you, but I think sideburns are super sexy. They can make a man look rugged and rough or simply add dimension and character to a handsome face. If you are a sideburn lover like me, check out these 10 best sideburns to date.

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Elvis Presley

Some call him the "King of Rock-n-Roll," but we all know he is the "King of Sideburns." Mr. Presley’s large sideburns gave women one more thing to lust over. I don't know what's more sexy, his chops or his swaying hips. What do you think?


Luke Perry

I was pretty young when 90210 first came out. I probably shouldn't have even watched the show, but I knew for sure when I seen Dylan McKay and his sideburns for the first time, I was going to really like this show.


Jason Priestley

You can’t mention Dylan without talking about Brandon. It’s no wonder Kelly had such a hard time deciding between the two. They are like the good versus evil of best sideburns.



Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is the main reason why I even like to watch the X-men movies, if I am being perfectly honest with you. There is just something so incredible sexy about that man and all his hair.



What, you thought this list of best sideburns would only include men? No way. I have to give credit to Ms. T-Boz and her awesome sideburns from the 90’s. It’s not a look that many women can pull off, but she carried it well.



He is giving us a new take on sideburns. That’s why I love them so much. They aren’t the typical full chop. Instead his sideburns are thin and very well-manicured. But, what else did you expect from a fine man like Ludarcis?


Wes Bentley

Did you see “The Hunger Games?” Wes Bentley did an amazing job portraying Seneca Crane. More importantly he sported some of the best sideburns ever seen. Like Ludacris these chops where well-manicured but stepped it up a notch with perfect little swirls. I could take this sideburns and use them on a letter head.


Bradley Wiggins

Not only is Bradley Wiggins the winner of the 2012 Tour de France, he also has some super sexy sideburns making him a great candidate for the top 10 best sideburns to date. Great job on the win, and keep those sideburns sexy, Bradley!


Lady Gaga

What do you mean do you don't remember when Lady Gaga had sideburns? She probably had some of the best looking sideburns I've ever seen when she played Jo Calderone for "You and I." Talk about hot!


Robert Pattinson

There is just something about his full head of waves and scruffy sideburns that makes my heart jump. His look is simple and delicious. What was Kristen Stewart thinking?


James Dean

What list of best sideburns to date would be complete without James Dean? We are sure to forget about many others as time passes and new sideburns come to play, but James Dean will always be one to remember.

So I have to know, are you a sideburn lover too? If you are what are some of the best sideburns to date in your opinion. I think sideburns are awesome and even better when worn by someone that has the personality and swag to pull them off. Share some of your favorite sideburns with me too.

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I never saw the appeal of sideburns, but I have to admit Jason Priestly is just so dreamy!!

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