Essential Oil Hacks for Women Who Want Drool-Worthy Hair ...


Essential Oil Hacks for Women Who Want Drool-Worthy Hair ...
Essential Oil Hacks for Women Who Want Drool-Worthy Hair ...

If you're just not happy with the condition of your hair, you may be thinking of turning away from commercial products and using simpler ingredients to care for your hair. Some of the ingredients in shampoos, conditioners, and styling products aren't good for your skin and hair, and leave it in worse condition than before. So try using essential oils to give yourself luscious locks - here's how to go about it …

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Always Dilute the Oils

Essential oils are extremely concentrated, and are therefore far too strong to use on your hair or skin without diluting them. So you need to use a carrier oil such as almond or apricot and mix the essential oils into it. Usually you need a lot more carrier oil than essential oils - around 4 parts carrier to 1 part essential oils.


Apply before Shampooing

We're used to using conditioner after shampoo, but this can leave your hair weighed down, so many experts are now advising that you condition before shampooing. This is also the best way to use essential oils on the hair. Warm the oils (mixed with the carrier), massage into your hair and scalp, and leave wrapped in a towel for 15 minutes. Then shampoo out, leaving your hair soft and smelling gorgeous!


Make Your Own Blend

The great thing about using essential oils on your hair is that you can make a customised blend to suit your hair type and treat any problems you may have. For example, rosemary is excellent for dandruff and a flaky scalp, but if you also have oily hair you can mix it with other oils like lemon or cedarwood. But if you want to encourage hair growth, mix it with basil or lavender.


Essential Oils Aren't for Everyone

As lovely as essential oils are, there are times when you should avoid them. For example, if you are pregnant you should be very cautious about using them. Always check with a medical professional first. The same is true if you are thinking of using them on babies or young children. And always test the blend on a small area of skin to see if it causes a reaction.


Buy the Right Oils

Fragrance oils are commonly confused with essential oils; you most certainly do not want to put fragrance oils on your skin and hair! Fragrance oils should only ever be used to perfume the room. So always check carefully that you're buying essential oils. And be sure that you're buying from a reputable source, as some suppliers aren't selling pure products.


How to Apply the Oil

Once you've mixed up your concoction of essential and carrier oil, be sure to apply it correctly. You need to start by combing your hair, then applying the mixture to your scalp and the roots of your hair. The rest of your hair just needs a simple carrier oil on its own - apply it to one section at a time.


How Often Should You Use Oil?

People with very dry hair, such as African Americans, may benefit from using oil daily to keep their hair in great condition. For others, this will be far too heavy, so avoid daily use. Apply once a week for a leave-in treatment, washing out in the morning.

What is your favorite essential oil?

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What would happen if you did use essential oils while pregnant?

Jojoba liquid wax is another great base oil for diluting essential oils for the hair since it penetrates the scalp easily.

Nice article thanks

A great mask for growth of hair it's with addition a garlic and a honey

I just use coconut oil and it’s perfect

You can use essential oils while you're pregnant. And you can use them on little kids too. Just dilute it if they are really little

Coconut oil works nicely but you have to wash it out to make sure it doesn't make your hair greasy

I love argon and coconut oils

Olive oil is my fave and coconut oil grows my hair quicker

Cedarwood is great in my shampoo!

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