Argan Oil for Girls Who Are Not Happy with Their Hair ...


Argan Oil for Girls Who Are Not Happy with Their Hair ...
Argan Oil for Girls Who Are Not Happy with Their Hair ...

Every so after a product gets labeled as a “miracle”. So it is with argan oil. Not only has it been termed as miraculous, but it has also been given the epithet “liquid gold” because of its many beauty benefits. It is particularly beneficial for your hair and this is why you should consider using it:

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It Encourages Hair Growth

hair, human hair color, blond, face, hairstyle, One of many benefits of argan oil is that it promotes hair growth. Thanks to its vitamin E content and antioxidants, it helps boost cells and encourages the production of healthy hair. Many people use argan oil for re-growth, although there's little scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness.


It Makes Your Shampoo Even More Effective

hair, human hair color, face, hairstyle, long hair, Adding argan oil as an ingredient in your shampoo will make it easy to apply and help you have soft, strong, and shiny hair. When used in a shampoo, it works amazingly well to repair dry, brittle hair or hair damaged by coloring or chemicals.


It Serves as a Great Styling Agent

hair, eyebrow, face, hairstyle, nose, Argan oil is a perfect choice when you have to style your hair. It doesn't contain chemicals like other styling agents, so its long-term use won't damage your hair. Use it before hair straightening and it will offer adequate protection against heat damage. Simply rub a few drops of oil between your palms and run through your hair. It works even when your hair isn't wet. Applying a little will help style your hair and keep it manageable throughout the day.


It Works Great as a Leave-in Conditioner

, This non-greasy oil serves as a highly effective leave-in conditioner and helps repair damaged hair. With this leave-in conditioner, you can easily treat frizz while promoting body and shine. It helps with dry, frizzy hair because it contains vitamin E, omega9 and omega3 fatty acids. A few drops applied directly to your hair will tame flyaway hair immediately.


It Prevents Split Ends

hair, human hair color, face, hairstyle, hair coloring, Regular use of argan oil will help prevent and repair those pesky split ends. It penetrates quickly into the hair shaft and strengthens each hair strand. Using it regularly will reduce the likelihood of split ends and help grow your hair long.


It Adds Shine to Your Hair

hair, hairstyle, braid, long hair, blond, One of many benefits of argan oil is that it leaves your hair shiny. Your hair will have natural shine to it when it is strong and healthy, and argan oil can boost that natural shine. Making your long hair look shiny can be a difficult task, but you can simplify it by using argan oil regularly. Its moisturizing properties help restore natural shine and softness to your hair. Use an argan oil hair mask regularly to maintain luscious hair that looks shiny and healthy.


It Repairs Damaged Hair

hair, hairstyle, photography, beauty, long hair, As it is naturally high in vitamin E and fatty acids, it can repair any damage caused by blow drying, straightening, other styling products, and environmental factors like smog and air conditioning. Your hair absorbs the oil quickly that moisturizes your hair from the follicle to the tip. It also improves the elasticity of your hair and reduces hair loss. You can apply argan oil directly to your hair or buy a product that contains argan oil to repair your damaged hair.

Are you going to give argan oil a try? Please let us know if you already use it? Is it as good as claimed?

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@SammyS yep and a little goes a long way. It may be pricey but it's worth it.

I hope that's fake snow cause surely the girl in the picture must be freezing!!

Does it leave your hair oily and how much can you use without it looking like it

@Shaliyah ive had good experiences with argan oil in my hair. Refreshes and conditions my hair. Leaves is soft and shiny

@Sev yeah there are cheaps one but i doubt the quality do you a brand you can recommend?

@tiffany lol ur comment made me laugh.

I did this ones but it s not that good for my dutch hair

Make sure it's pure argon oil. It won't be cheap. It'll be in a dark bottle. Also don't put it on before heat!! That's literally deep frying your hair. It also doesn't repair hair. It helps moisturize and keep healthy, but damage is irreversible.

Aegean oil is gold for your hair if used correctly! Yes, it's pricey...but a lil bit goes far. Put a few drops in your shampoo/conditioner shake up your bottles really good. Rinse well. Use it with its a 10 spray on lotion again shake bottle, focus on mid to ends of hair.

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