Tried and True Ways to Find the Absolute Best Hair Products for You ...


Tried and True Ways to Find the Absolute Best Hair Products for You ...
Tried and True Ways to Find the Absolute Best Hair Products for You ...

If you’re frustrated with yet another hair product that doesn’t measure up then this article’s for you. There’re ways to find the best hair products for your hair. Shopping for them doesn’t always have to be a guessing game. Use these tips to find hair products you love.

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Ask Your Stylist

If you’re haven’t asked your stylist for recommendations then you’re missing out on a great resource. Your stylist is the best person to ask product recommendations from for two reasons. One, they know hair products and two, they know your hair. Therefore, it’s safe to assume they know the ones that’ll work best for your hair. Take advantage of their expertise!


Ask Someone with Amazing Hair

If you notice someone who has amazing hair then ask them their secrets. They may have just been blessed with good hair but it’s also possible that they use fabulous hair products. It’s always worth asking others for their secrets. Most people are so flattered by your compliment that they’re happy to share with you. Don’t be afraid to ask those you know or even those you don’t really know to share with you.


Follow Popular Beauty Blogs for Reviews

Beauty blogs are a great place to find out about all things beauty related, including hair care products. I’m currently using a shampoo and conditioner that I read about on a blog I follow. You can read some very helpful reviews. It can help you decide whether to purchase a product or not. This can save you from spending money on products that probably wouldn’t have worked out well for you.


Try Sample Size Products

Another way to find the best hair products for your hair is to try them in sample size. Simply put, it’s less commitment. If you don’t like it, you don’t have a full container to trudge through because you feel guilty throwing it out. If you love it then you can buy a full size the next go round. It’s also a way to try more products, giving you more opportunities to discover ones you love.


Ask Girls Who Share Your Hair Type

Next to your hair dresser, no one is going to understand your hair better than someone who shares the same type of hair. For example, if you’re a girl with natural curls then no one will get your struggle like other curly-haired ladies. They can share what works best for them and you can do the same. It’s new discoveries all around. You both win!


Talk Hair with Your Friends

When you’re with your friends you probably talk about a variety of topics. Make sure you talk hair, too. You can be real about your hair struggles with your friends when you can’t with anyone else. And friends will share their secrets when others may not want to give them up so they can keep their fabulousness to themselves. I have a friend who’s let me in on more than one of her hair care secrets and I love her for it!


Trial and Error

Sadly, this’s one of the ways that works best in finding out what works for your hair. Trial and error will show you if a product works in a way that you don’t doubt. You know for sure about a hair product when you try it for yourself. If you end up with some that don’t make the cut, trade them with your friends. You may love their rejects and they may love yours.

These’re 7 tried and true ways to find the best hair products for your hair. What’re your best hair products? Share your recommendations!

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